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Klungons! by divineomega Klungons!
for 1 Hour Game Jam 119 (Where no man has gone before)

Enturprize! The Fuderation is under attack by Klungons! Fight them off with your Funton Torpedoes!

Ant-venture by divineomega Ant-venture
for 1 Hour Game Jam 117 (The World Below)

The every-day adventure of being an ant. Collect food and avoid the spiders.

10 Seconds of Easter by divineomega 10 Seconds of Easter
for 1 Hour Game Jam 103 (10 seconds)

The Easter bunny needs to collect all the eggs before the holiday starts!

Tasty Villagers! by divineomega Tasty Villagers!
for 1 Hour Game Jam 101 (One Button)

You're a monster (literally), and hungry for raw villagers!

Tunnel Racer by divineomega Tunnel Racer
for 1 Hour Game Jam 89 (Tunnels)

Race through as many tunnels as possible without crashing!

Too cold to type! by divineomega Too cold to type!
for 1 Hour Game Jam 82 (Winter)

Type the words as fast as possible!

Gretel Gretel's Grub!
for 1 Hour Game Jam 81 (Survival)

Gretel is looking for food in the forest. Collect berries to survive!

Sideways Eight Parachuting by divineomega Sideways Eight Parachuting
for 1 Hour Game Jam 76 (Fall'n'Avoid)

You're parachuting. Don't hit things! :)

Jail Cell Puzzle by divineomega Jail Cell Puzzle
for 1 Hour Game Jam 73 (Isolation)

Escape the isolation of your jail cell.

for 1 Hour Game Jam 72 (Creation)

Your colleague has a new task for you at work, if you're up for it.

Eventually One Button by divineomega Eventually One Button
for 1 Hour Game Jam 69 (One button)

It's easy. Just turn on the device. ;)

Lazer Reflector! by divineomega Lazer Reflector!
for 1 Hour Game Jam 68 (Mirror)

Adjust the mirrors (arrow keys) to reflect the 'lazer' into the goal! :D

Fly Swatter! by divineomega Fly Swatter!
for 1 Hour Game Jam 67 (Mouse only)

Swat as many flies as you can in 30 seconds!

The Fairy Forest by divineomega The Fairy Forest
for 1 Hour Game Jam 66 (Don't Touch Me!)

You're a fairy that's rushing through a dark and mysterious forest!!!

Green Arrow! by divineomega Green Arrow!
for 1 Hour Game Jam 65 (Only 2 colors)

As soon an arrow changes to green, press the appropriate arrow key!

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