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151st one hour game jam (17 Mar 2018)

Theme: Theft
Started: 17 Mar 2018 at 20:00 (23 entries)
The Apple Thief by puarsliburf The Apple Thief

Farmer John really likes his apples. And so do you, so you decided to steal 'em. Run about with the arrow keys and collect the green apples while avoiding farmer John, who's red with rage. The windows link is in fact an early version of an FC I'm working on, while the other platform is the game itself. You need both, as when the FC starts it will demand a txt file with code. The game file also includes the documentation for the FC if you wanna make your own games. Don't put the code inside the FC folder.

X marks the spot by mwarw X marks the spot
by mwarw

Find the treassure on this island

Super Steal Everything by laken_brooks Super Steal Everything
by laken_brooks

Steal everything and don't get caught

A Regular Love Story by vinigusto.souza A Regular Love Story
by vinigusto.souza

Try to steal this girl heart ;** LEFT AND RIGHT ARROW KEYS - MOVEMENT

Capture Folks by terracottafrog Capture Folks
by Terracottafrog

Made in my upcoming fantasy console BA-T! Press web, then press windows to access the game file and the console respectively. Use arrow keys and z to load the file and then CTRL+Right to move to the play screen.

You stole my heart by jacklehamster You stole my heart
by jacklehamster

You stole my heart is an artsy game. Did you steal her heart? Or did she steal yours? Controls: Left / Right Song: Cover of "Defense d'y voir (Sara Mandiano)"

Hyper Laser Thief by pmaslencenko Hyper Laser Thief
by pmaslencenko

Avoid the lasers and steal the emerald

Steal their money by megasdragos1 Steal their money
by megasdragos1

You are a thief that must steal the money from a random house you found. Be careful, you didn't check for the owner to be out and even went in during the day so you must sneak past anyone inside.

Museum Heist by frodewin Museum Heist
by frodewin

Break into the museum. Get all the valuable items. Get out again.

Lockpicker by laguna Lockpicker
by laguna

If you lockpicked in skyrim, you know this.

Grand Theft Pico by dollarone Grand Theft Pico
by dollarone

You have committed grand theft auto - but the brakes are broken! How long can you survive?

Stealing Wallets by sebastianscaini Stealing Wallets
by Sebastian Scaini

Steal wallets. Use the arrow keys to move and hold space to grab. Don't get caught!

Social Network Data Theft by joneyjs Social Network Data Theft
by joneyjs

Thief all data from social networking system.

Theft chess by katuiche Theft chess
by katuiche

Steal wallets from everybody and stay away from the cops WASD to walk, R to restart (This game is super buggy)

Idea thief
by arcidi

You need to steal a game idea and make money out of it!

Simple Lockpicker by let-off-studios Simple Lockpicker
by let-off-studios

Locks aren't always this easy, but in this game you can pretend they are! Increase and reduce lock tension with X and Z. Use your mouse to move your tapper along the lock chamber to hit the tumblers. When all tumblers have been tripped, you've opened the lock. Open as many tumblers as you can. Try for a high score. Enjoy!

Shit Stealer by chaosthelegend Shit Stealer
by chaosthelegend

it's what we all been waiting for... A game about stealing shit!

One Hour Game Jam #151 by anubhav_kashyap One Hour Game Jam #151
by Anubhav Kashyap

​You are trying to steal money from Bill Gates' account and are almost about to finish your task. Now you only have to jam the signal for 10 seconds so that your malware can the money to your account...​

Blank Point by sergiocornaga Blank Point
by sergiocornaga

Of course I didn't steal this game! And frankly, I'm offended by your accusation.

by Sheper


Grabber by pm2k Grabber
by pm2k

Grab golden hands using your hand, avoid red hands.

Speed Steal by atlinux Speed Steal
by atlinux

Steal all the belongings!

Spot the Thieves! by euske Spot the Thieves!
by euske

Click them!

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