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7th one hour game jam (30 May 2015)

Theme: Whats Cooking Good Looking?
Started: 30 May 2015 at 22:00 (18 entries)
Mouse And Cheese Slap
by bitslap
by fishpod
Flip a coin: Press a key by awsumpwner27 Flip a coin: Press a key
by awsumpwner27
Hit the ? on the TV by jupitron Hit the ? on the TV
by jupitron
Barbarian Quest XII: Dragon Barbarian Quest XII: Dragon's Lust: Part II
by sheepolution
That panned out well... by shadowbrain That panned out well...
by shadowbrain
FlappyMeatloaf by rothens FlappyMeatloaf
by rothens
Kitchen Timer by fakeyou Kitchen Timer
by fakeyou
Pressure Cooker by vegard1992 Pressure Cooker
by vegard1992
by sorceress
Need For Feed by noonan Need For Feed
by Sean Noonan

Kill animals. Eat their meat. Survive. Controls: Move L/R - "Left arrow"/"Right arrow" or "A'/"S' Jump - "Up arrow" or "W" or "C" Shoot - "X" or "Space" Drop from platform - "Down arrow" or "S" Restart - "R"

Marsmallow cooker by tegu Marsmallow cooker
by tegu

Just cook the marsmallow!

Porkvania by drnick Porkvania
by drnick
Sweeeedish Chef by voxel Sweeeedish Chef
by voxel
Frying Specialist by liamlime Frying Specialist
by LiamLime

Practice for your future job. ?

Perfect Penis Painter by norgg Perfect Penis Painter
by Norgg
cookingoo by euske cookingoo
by euske
Human Fritter Salad by matt_b Human Fritter Salad
by matt_b
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