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85th one hour game jam (10 Dec 2016)

Theme: Kamikaze
Started: 10 Dec 2016 at 20:00 (6 entries)
dumb game i rushed by pcgamer dumb game i rushed
by pcgamer

arrow keys to move get the blue circles

by selarule

Try to kill as many people as you can with your explosion! Fun for the whole family! Press space to restart!

kamikaze by cjay kamikaze
by cjay

A simple game where you have to get to the target, red cube. destroy the red capsules by clicking on them before they kill you. (2 hits to kill) and there is a 0.25 seconds reload time stay at the target when the timer gets to 0 to win the game. Have fun and sorry about the poor GUI/graphics

Kamikadze Bunker
by sauaciden

Really horrible game. To shot press left mouse button and position cursor over aircraft

Kamikadze Stickmen by hamtaren Kamikadze Stickmen
by hamtaren

Kamikadze game made after o

LUDUM DARE! by thesloveniandevil LUDUM DARE!
by DevilLime

My LD game, not made in an hour... But it is unfinished so rule 1: be late (check), rule 2: submit an unfinished game (check). Great!

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