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87th one hour game jam (24 Dec 2016)

Theme: Flip
Started: 24 Dec 2016 at 20:00 (7 entries)
Flippers Journey by laguna Flippers Journey
by laguna

You are Flipper th dolphin on your way through the oceans. You need to collect precious airbubbles.

ClifferFlipper by hamtaren ClifferFlipper
by hamtaren

Jump from a cliff and flip like a boss!

Gravity-Flip by midnightas Gravity-Flip
by midnightas

Left click to flip gravity. But watch out, there's a cooldown!

Pancake by euske Pancake
by euske

Flip the pancakes with the space key (not finished).

Bottle Flip
by cjay

A simple game where you flip the bottle onto the other platforms. you just choose the angle, how it rotates in the air and the power you throw it with Right now it's just the basics I might use it as a base for a better game but its just an idea

Safari Rush by aevil1 Safari Rush
by aevil1

You find yourself in the middle of a mysterious jungle where the animals are not so cordial to your presence. The only way to survive is to use a weapon bestowed upon you by the bovine lord of the jungle. To run the game, download the game folder using the dropbox link and find detailed instructions in the readme provided.

by DevilLime

Flip! using space.

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