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Point A Launcher by aalves Point A Launcher
for 1 Hour Game Jam 141 (From point A to point B)

Happy New Year Everyone!

Jumper by aalves Jumper
for 1 Hour Game Jam 140 (Up)

This theme was hard

The Menu Game by aalves The Menu Game
for 1 Hour Game Jam 139 (Game inside a menu)

Protect the settings button from the red squares. If anything stops working, check the settings menu.

Snowman Slide by aalves Snowman Slide
for 1 Hour Game Jam 138 (Snow)

Press Space to Jump Don't let the snowman's parts fall

Sugar Story by aalves Sugar Story
for 1 Hour Game Jam 136 (The more you have, the worse it is)

Avoid getting full of sugar, it's a dangerous world out there. Play with WASD or Arrow Keys

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