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Flag Away Dash by Flag Away Dash
for One Hour Game Jam 275 (Flags)

I decided last minute do to do the one hour game jam today. Run away from the flag circles!

Dark Pretzel by Dark Pretzel
for One Hour Game Jam 162 (Darkness)

You are trapped in a room with a voice.

Wizzy by Wizzy
for One Hour Game Jam 160 (Magic)

A nice relaxing wizard game :).

Second Spiky Chance by Second Spiky Chance
for One Hour Game Jam 159 (Second Chance)

Made with <3! And PICO-8!

Danger Zone by Danger Zone
for One Hour Game Jam 158 (Danger Zone)

A game (umm, yeah, it's a game alright), made in pico-8!

Stoplight Gogogo by Stoplight Gogogo
for One Hour Game Jam 157 (One Control)

Alternate pressing the two buttons while the light isn't red!!!

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