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Happy Intersex Awareness Day! Intersex people have physical characteristics which mean their body doesn't neatly fit into male or female medical definitions. About 1 in 100 people are intersex, facing discrimination and stigmatisation, notably with involuntary surgery at birth or puberty to bring their body closer to "cultural norms". Historically the term hermaphrodites was used, but intersex is preferred today, with hermaphrodite only used for such characteristics in plants and animals. Intersex is unfortunately not discussed much, however it is very common in nature, as in humans.

Happy Asexual Visibility Week! Asexual (also called Ace) identities encompass a spectrum of preferences with lower or no desire for sexual activity. It's a catch-all term with a bunch of subcategories, including Grey-asexuality and Demisexuality. An asexual person also isn't necessarily Aromantic - someone who feels lower or no romantic attraction. People who are unable to participate in sexual activity due to physical reasons may or may not be asexual, as the term only refers to a person's preferences.

Also One hour game jam will still be at 8PM UTC, but due to daylight saving time that now means 8PM GMT and 9PM CET. In the US daylight savings will cause the local time for the jam to change for next week's jam. Check for other time zones.


Metal Maze Upwards
An upwards maze where you have to score more by collecting coins and you have got just 3 lives. AIM - To help your player to reach the Space Capsule, which is present at the top of the maze. P.S. This is my first ever game. I hope you guys will enjoy it. Criticisms are welcome about my game.