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Happy Bisexuality Awareness Week! The celebration promotes cultural acceptance of the bisexual community and advocates for bisexual rights. A bisexual person is someone whose sexual or romantic preference includes people of two or more genders, though the attraction doesn't need to be equally strong for each gender. There are several distinct but sometimes overlapping identities too, including Pansexual and Polysexual. Some of these exist because the traditional definition of bisexuality referred only to an attraction to men and women, excluding all other genders.


Space Exterminator
This was my 1st hour Jam, but I didn't realize there was a theme and this does not fit it......I probably shouldn't submit it, but im still proud I made a game in an hour! Defeat the ships and prevent them from reaching the barrier. You have 3 time to get hit but if the barrier is touched then you lose. How long can you defend the barrier.