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Drinker by Drinker
for One Hour Game Jam 176 (Never Enough)

Don't let your boss catch you drinking. But you've gotta stay buzzed or the depression hits!

Don Don't rain on my parade
for One Hour Game Jam 168 (Rain)

Don't let the rain hit the parade! Click on the droplets to get rid of them! Alt + F4 to quit

Baby Boomer by Baby Boomer
for One Hour Game Jam 167 (That's not supposed to be a weapon)

Change directions with the left arrow key or a. Shoot with spacebar.

Ball Fall by Ball Fall
for One Hour Game Jam 166 (2 Colors)

There are two colors of balls, and two colors of Button. Use A and D to switch between them ( A is Blue, D is Red). Restart by reloading the game Play on low res in windowed mode

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