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Antifrogger by Antifrogger
for One Hour Game Jam 240 (Go back)

use arrow keys to move. press shift to look back. you can't move while looking. go as far as you can.

Momentum by Momentum
for One Hour Game Jam 153 (walls)

A simple, easy game about navigating through a labyrinth.

Flycatcher by Flycatcher
for One Hour Game Jam 145 (Frogs)

a late game with no objective and lots of bugs in many ways.

School of Fish by School of Fish
for One Hour Game Jam 142 (Submerged)

A game about a fish trying not to be killed by fish.

1D by 1D
for One Hour Game Jam 113 (Purposely Bad)

a game so bad that it lost the second dimension

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