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Next Jam:

Only a few hours after One hour game jam will be the start of one of the coolest jams out there, and likely the last one of its kind: Zero Hour Game Jam runs on Sunday 25 Oct from 1AM-1AM (UK time) and 2AM-2AM (Central European time). This is likely to be your last chance to make a video game in zero hours, at least in Europe! (US version is on 1 Nov)

Also 1hgj next week will still be at 8PM UTC, but that now means 8PM UTC and 9PM CET. Check for other time zones.


Slo Mo Shapes
There are lots of shapes scattered about the world, you are supposed to take them to their respective places. Using LMB, you generate an explosion wherever you are looking, which also slows down time, and use this to move the objects to their respective goals. But, dont let it touch the ground once you have lifted an object, else your score decreases.