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Pacman Under Pressure by Pacman Under Pressure
for One Hour Game Jam 146 (10 seconds)

Eat as many red dots as possible within 10 seconds. Navigate your pacman with mouse. Press R to start over.

Land the Moon by Land the Moon
for One Hour Game Jam 143 (Moon)

Use R to restart the game and Space to thrust. Your goal is to land safely on the moon.

Main Menu Bullet Hell
for One Hour Game Jam 139 (Game inside a menu)

Move with WASD, shoot with directional keys. Avoid red guys, survive as long as possible. Buttons are clickable with mouse.

Snowhill Slide by Snowhill Slide
for One Hour Game Jam 138 (Snow)

Endless runner game. Pickup coins and evade trees. Made in C++ with SFML.

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