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Intersex people have physical characteristics which mean their body doesn't neatly fit into male or female medical definitions. About 1 in 100 people are intersex, facing discrimination and stigmatisation, notably with involuntary surgery at birth or puberty to bring their body closer to "cultural norms". Historically the term hermaphrodites was used, but intersex is preferred today, with hermaphrodite only used for such characteristics in plants and animals. Intersex is unfortunately not discussed much, however it is very common in nature, as in humans.


Lazers or Tazers
You have 7 seconds to deal with a queue of aliens at a police station. Choose their fate, Lazers (for crimes) or Tazers (For wasting police time) Getting their fate correct will add time to the timer, getting it wrong will reduce it :) I've never done a 1 hour game jam before, hopefully I did nothing wrong but also wow that was fun :0