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A2B2A2B2A2B2A2B2A by A2B2A2B2A2B2A2B2A
for 1 Hour Game Jam 141 (From point A to point B)

WASD to add force, dont crash into walls, move from a to b to a to b to a to b to a to b.....

Responsibility Run by Responsibility Run
for 1 Hour Game Jam 126 (Run)

Quick! Run from the responsibilities which are trying to catch you (and also getting quicker). Press [A] and [D] alternately to run. Play in 16:9 for full effect. (other aspect ratios are possible too) My highscore is 521.

Lost in Space by Lost in Space
for 1 Hour Game Jam 111 (Lost)

Your Ship is out of control and you only have a few powerbursts left to reach earth. Also, avoid black holes. Burst with [Space] Restart with [R] Have Fun!

Letter Jump
for 1 Hour Game Jam 109 (Square)

Enter a text and press start to generate a jump and run level based on the text. Arrow keys to move, space to jump. Could be used for the Titin-theme.

Kill the bees!
for 1 Hour Game Jam 108 (Bees)

Click on the bees to kill them, if a bee hits the player you loose, the game restarts automatically after 3 seconds. Also, the download link will work after ~1 am MET, because I can only upload with a speed of 5 kb/s as my internet failed me.

Return to Earth by Return to Earth
for 1 Hour Game Jam 107 (rockets)

In Return to Earth you have to control a rocket to get back to earth. You loose the game when you hit other planets or leave the screen, you win when you reach the earth. All planets create a gravitational force on your rocket. Have fun! Press Space to accelerate, A and D to rotate the rocket.

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