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Manage Company by Manage Company
for One Hour Game Jam 271 (Company Management)

You must choose who you keep company! Click on a person to spend time with them. Watch out! As time goes on they become more needy! If you don't spend any time with people who want your company, then you'll lose them. Controls: Click to select person. Escape to quit.

Sort Home Fast! by Sort Home Fast!
for One Hour Game Jam 268 (Home)

You must sort everything within the time limit! (Displayed on the left of the player.) The right number is movements. Black & White are solids, Purple is the player. Controls: Arrow keys to move and space to drop current items.

Feel The Gravity by Feel The Gravity
for One Hour Game Jam 205 (Gravity)

Feel the gravity is certainly a thing made by FlamingFossa who certainly did not forget his password! Press [ESC] to escape.

BluXRed by BluXRed
for One Hour Game Jam 166 (2 Colors)

Quick shooter that gave me some ideas for other games to make in the future.

Space by Space
for One Hour Game Jam 135 (Space)

Ultimately, relaxing. Use [SPACE] to switch where you are in space. Use [ESCAPE] to escape this endless torment. Use [R] to reset the game and to possibly change the music.

Harry Gathers Wood by Harry Gathers Wood
for One Hour Game Jam 134 (Forest)

The goal is to avoid the logs and vines while collecting firewood. The game is an infinite runner. WARNING: The music might be loud, I didn't mess with the levels so get ready to turn down the sound. Controls: [UP] or [SPACE] to jump. [DOWN], [SHIFT] or [CONTROL] to crouch.

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