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for One Hour Game Jam 78 (Lime)

Left Click the bottle to fill it with lemonade. Beware of bad lemons! click on it to remove them before they touch the bottle

Dreun by Dreun
for One Hour Game Jam 76 (Fall'n'Avoid)

Cat must avoid thunder and not getting wet. Use left and right arrow keys to move.

Bridge Builder by Bridge Builder
for One Hour Game Jam 75 (Construction)

Build bridges to cross gaps! This is a one button game. Use left click

Secluded Snake by Secluded Snake
for One Hour Game Jam 73 (Isolation)

Well... I couldn't think of anything else but making a snake clone :/ Poor thing is all alone :( Arrow Keys to move.

Contact by Contact
for One Hour Game Jam 72 (Creation)

Click the sides of the screen to move in that direction. Left click : Adam Right click: God Keep the contact!

for One Hour Game Jam 71 (Reverse)

Sorry I'm late! After Ludum Dare last week and my new part time job, I was late to the jam :( Well this is a simple platformer.... unmess somethings have been reversed...

ioth by ioth
for One Hour Game Jam 69 (One button)

Sales time! Avoid the crazy customers and get to that cashier with the left mouse button!

Oliddod by Oliddod
for One Hour Game Jam 68 (Mirror)

​How many oliddods can you do? Follow your reflection with the arrow keys... be fast! It took me SO MUCH more than one hour :( didn't finish on time

for One Hour Game Jam 67 (Mouse only)

Ghosts are draining your mana! Replenish it by activating cristals

Kametsuki by Kametsuki
for One Hour Game Jam 66 (Don't Touch Me!)

Drag the Kametsuki with the mouse, don't touch Death!

GhibunduXe by GhibunduXe
for One Hour Game Jam 65 (Only 2 colors)

Collect the cubes of the same color as yourself !

for One Hour Game Jam 64 (The Cube)

- Enter to start - Arrows to move - Collect spheres - Escape the cube!

Run and Jump by Run and Jump
for One Hour Game Jam 63 (Jump and Run)

runneer game! what else?

Jetpack by Jetpack
for One Hour Game Jam 62 (Jetpack)

Stay alive and dodge the missiles. Press space bar to gain altitude, release space bar to drop

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