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This weekend is Alakajam! One hour game jam will of course still happen, but most of us will be doing Alakajam instead so expect lower participation than usual.
Invaders by ivan Invaders
for 1 Hour Game Jam 216 (Clone)

A space invaders clone but it's a bullet hell for some reason? Arrow keys to move Z, X, C to fire

Walls by ivan Walls
for 1 Hour Game Jam 193 (A Bug? No, that's a Feature!)

WASD to move, space to shoot.

Wizard Battle
for 1 Hour Game Jam 125 (Wizardry)

Run around and kill all the enemies. *currently your health doesn't do anything (the game isn't balanced, dying would be pretty easy) There are three different spells: fire, water and earth. When two spells of the same type collide, they both disappear. When different types collide, the stronger one destroys the weaker one. The strengths are: water > fire fire > earth earth > water Controls Move: WASD Aim/Fire: Mouse Change spell: 1, 2, 3

Snowflake Catch by ivan Snowflake Catch
for 1 Hour Game Jam 82 (Winter)

A small game about catching snowflakes.

Lime Quest by ivan Lime Quest
for 1 Hour Game Jam 78 (Lime)


Extreme Fall by ivan Extreme Fall
for 1 Hour Game Jam 76 (Fall'n'Avoid)

Fall and avoid the bricks. Pick up the mystery boxes for good or bad effects.

Base Defender by ivan Base Defender
for 1 Hour Game Jam 75 (Construction)

An unfinished base defense game.

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