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Catasteriods by jiggyp Catasteriods
for 1 Hour Game Jam 265 (Enemies are useful)

Cats are coming for the last pizza!! Mark Dowell - Art & Music Jake Parker - Programming

One Horse Town by jiggyp One Horse Town
for 1 Hour Game Jam 264 (Cheating)

Click left mouse to fire laser. Space bar resets the game. Alt + F4 closes game (yup, it's a one hour jam alright) Use your laser pointer to blind the horses you want to lose! The horse you are trying to get the finish line first is randomly selected each race. You can blind horses from the front, but hitting in the back will burn them, making them run faster. Don't hit the Referee with your laser pointer or you lose instantly. Art + Music - Mark Dowell Programming - Jake Parker

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