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Features Generator by Features Generator
for One Hour Game Jam 127 (Never test your game)

Click the features! But watch out, there are a lot of bugs!!!

Just Run! by Just Run!
for One Hour Game Jam 126 (Run)

Move around the map collecting the green objects while running from the red enemies. INSTRUCTIONS Move with WASD or Arrow Keys

Wizard Fight by Wizard Fight
for One Hour Game Jam 125 (Wizardry)

You are a Blue Wizard fighting a big Fire Monster summoned by a Red Wizard. CONTROLS: Move - ArrowKeys / WASD Attack - Z / Mouse (Left Button)

Space Guardian by Space Guardian
for One Hour Game Jam 123 (Space)

All alphabet letters want to be happy together... But The Space Bar, The Guardian, have to keep peace and balance in this world...

Slow... FAST! by Slow... FAST!
for One Hour Game Jam 121 (Slow)

A slow game where you have to dodge enemies. Oh but then it become fast! ... and slow again...

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