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EleCorp by metalhand EleCorp
for 1 Hour Game Jam 173 (Electricity)

You're a corp trying to bring Electricity to the people! Left-Click and Right-Click to place masts, and press O to reset!

Battle Of Wiz by metalhand Battle Of Wiz
for 1 Hour Game Jam 160 (Magic)

The grand battle of two wizards, using all the spells they learned throughout their lives. Will you be able to defeat the evil wizard with your button mashing skills? Instructions: The goal is to reduce the evil wizards HP to 0. INPUTS: Q for Q element W for W element E for E element Up + Down arrow to move up and down Space to fire a spell. You have a buffer of 3 elements. By having 3 of the same element you can cast a spell, but beware! they cost mana! QQQ: Fireball WWW: Thunderstrike EEE: Mana Regen Good luck!

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