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Radioactive Fixed Bodies
for One Hour Game Jam 188 (radiation)

The RFB (radioactive fixed bodies) simulation simulates a grid of nodes, fixed in place, emitting small specks of matter at a steady pace, thereby starting a chain reaction. There is no player interaction, sadly, but you can still watch the mesmerizing process of yellow and green spreading across the canvas,

Going wherever
for One Hour Game Jam 187 (Going Up!)

This is a simple upwards platformer. Your aim is to get as high as possible. There is no limit. Jump on the green blocks to get higher. Control the game using the arrow keys.

for One Hour Game Jam 186 (Blocks)

Instructions are in the game.

Insular Life
for One Hour Game Jam 185 (Life)

This is a cellular automaton based on Conway's game of Life. A cell can reach multiple levels. A cell of level L will be promoted to L+1 when it has exactly L+3 live neighbours. However, live cells can devolve because of segregation or overcrowding. Every 4 s, you can click a dead cell to promote it to level 1. Clusters can create stable cores and form islands around them.

for One Hour Game Jam 184 (Starts with the Letter 'V')

From the game's help screen: You have dreamed about it since time immemorial. Vanadium! The single most desired element of your life. Now you have access to this machine. Starting with hydrogen, it can skip to the element with its proton number equal to the next element of the previous one's Z's Collatz sequence. It can also save elements up to argon for later use in a palette (top row) and skip to those at any time. Besides, it can perform a lookup on the periodic table, using an element from the palette to determine the period and another to determine the group. However, it has a proton limit of 54. This could be life-changing... Now get to 23!

Gravity Done Poorly
for One Hour Game Jam 183 (Poorly Programmed Gravity)

Click to reposition your speck of matter. Shift-click to place a fixed star. Control-click to place a fixed star at a random position. Alt-click or option-click to remove all fixed stars. Press alt or option to stop your speck of matter.

for One Hour Game Jam 182 (Wires)

You are one of the bugs traversing an interconnected network of wires. Wires are lines drawn between pairs of pins (circles on the screen's edge). You are the dark grey bug. Your task is to get to the black pin and leave the network there, while avoiding the other (light grey) bugs that might enter the network. You control your bug using arrow keys. Press DOWN to change direction, RIGHT or LEFT to take the appropriate turn at the next wire you cross, UP to cancel a previously issued RIGHT/LEFT command (those are remembered so that you can press the keys in advance and don't have to hit the precise moment when you are at the intersection). How many wires can you deal with?

Curses Versus Purses
for One Hour Game Jam 181 (X vs Y)

The instructions for your pickpocketing adventure will be available in the game after you focus the canvas and press a key.

Time Your Fall
for One Hour Game Jam 180 (Falling)

Instructions are hopefully understandable in the game. The only build provided is Linux, if you want to play the game on another platform, you'll need Allegro to run it. My first actually creative project using Allegro, so it took more than an hour (not 6 days, however, I can assure you, I was just busy) to complete, but I wanted to finish the game, as I would consider the idea more creative than most of my 1HGJ ideas. Both links point to the same Dropbox folder, just launch the files as appropriate.

A Proper Journey
for One Hour Game Jam 179 (Darkness)

A proper journey can't take such peculiarities as dawn or dusk into account, it has to continue no matter what. Traverse the wild landscape and try not to bump into it from the side (no game over implemented). Press any key to jump.

Snake Again
for One Hour Game Jam 178 (Consume)

I was somewhat tired and not at all inspired by the theme, so I just recreated Snake once more. Arrows to control, avoid hitting yourself or the edges of the world, hit apples (light green) to eat them and grow. Very simple and repetitive.

Limited By Boredom
for One Hour Game Jam 177 (Island)

Place new colourful tiles next to previously existing tiles and expand your island. As the placement is nearly unlimited, but the tiles do nothing, your own boredom is the only thing affecting how big and beautiful can you make your island in the middle of the sea. Try creating something worth looking at.

No Such Thing As Sufficiency
for One Hour Game Jam 176 (Never Enough)

Perhaps you don't have enough knowledge about this game to play it. And perhaps that's OK. Use the left mouse button to control the game, press R to reset. (Why would you do that? I don't know. Neither do you, probably.)

Charge The Fortress! by Charge The Fortress!
for One Hour Game Jam 175 (Charge)

Build an army and smash it against the castle's defences. When you reduce the castle's strength to zero, loot it and proceed to the next castle. When you run out of both strength and gold, you lose. Record your level reached as a score.

Subset Hunt by Subset Hunt
for One Hour Game Jam 173 (Electricity)

Every switch toggles a pregenerated set of lightbulbs. Turn all the bulbs on and proceed to the next level (one bulb and switch more). At least one solution is guaranteed. Built in Godot.

Queer Magic
for One Hour Game Jam 160 (Magic)

Download the "160" folder as an archive, then unpack and interpret the magic.py file. Icons will pop up, representing various enemies. Defeat enemies using appropriate spells. Cast spells by pressing appropriate keys. Certain spells have side effects. Certain enemies have effects beside having to be defeated, too. Pyglet required. All the links are the same, as I am not really going to try and compile Python programs.

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