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Two Buttons!
for One Hour Game Jam 238 (Two Buttons)

Made alex

UFO survival
for One Hour Game Jam 236 (Floating Islands)

Move using arrows to avoid bullets.

cannon shooting by cannon shooting
for One Hour Game Jam 234 (Pirates)

This is a pirate party and you just shoot targets with a cannon. made by Alex and Jane.

angry burger by angry burger
for One Hour Game Jam 233 (8-bits)

You are a cook in a fast food restaurant, and you forgot to put pickles in your burger. After that, the hamburger got mad at you and started to fight with you

space catch-up by space catch-up
for One Hour Game Jam 232 ("Morality" or "Start with nothing")

need to hold out as much as possible with the space demons in the catch-up! did alex and jane.

for One Hour Game Jam 231 (Overheating)

this game was made by alex igralex

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