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Bunny Blow by Bunny Blow
for One Hour Game Jam 210 (Wind)

Blow the bunnies with wind! Don't let them hit the right edge of the screen. Click to blow.

Satellite Saver by Satellite Saver
for One Hour Game Jam 205 (Gravity)

Keep the satellites from crashing into each other! Click to give them a boost.

Block World (Not Minecraft)
for One Hour Game Jam 186 (Blocks)

Build a blocky world to spread the disease! INSTRUCTIONS: 1, 2, and 3 to change blocks. Red blocks spawn disease, blue blocks grow disease, and green blocks transmit desease.

Brush Away the Darkness by Brush Away the Darkness
for One Hour Game Jam 179 (Darkness)

Brush away the dark clouds! Space to brush.

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