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In a meteor apocalypse that happened 30.000 years ago, 99.999999999% of the (overpopulated) Earth died. The 2 last survivors, Andrewand Emma since then have "improved" their own body by making themselves Cyborgs, and therefore, immortal. After that, a giant solar flare hit earth, specifically the side of the earth where Emma was on. Emma's life support system then failed, killing her, the last woman on earth. Andrew found his body 367 years later and he was devastated. In this state of shock, Andrew made a vow to himself. He wanted to replicate Emma, in whatever way she could. Therefore he decided to make a robot that's an exact copy of Emma, except metal. For this, he needed gold, and lots of it. Sadly, because of mining all the earth's resources this was hard. You play as Andrew, trying to get enough gold to make a robot-Emma Arrows to move