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The Mad Pangolin


  • GitHub: https://github.com/JackLeigh27/
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Rb_X94ujCpXLkKzDDiiFQ
  • Ludum Dare: https://ldjam.com/users/themadpangolin
  • GameJolt: https://gamejolt.com/@MadPangolin
  • Old GameJolt: http://gamejolt.com/@TheSoapCorp

Hi! I'm Jack and I love to make games.

I mostly use GameMaker Studio, but I also know Clickteam Fusion. As for languages, I have a good understanding of Python, but I'm currently learning C++ for university. I also used to use a fairly obscure language called DarkBASIC.

Please do give me feedback if you try out anything I have published. I'm trying to get better and better at making games, as both a hobby and hopefully a future career, so I appreciate any criticisms you have, positive or negative.

Wall Run by Wall Run
for One Hour Game Jam 153 (walls)

Fly through the gaps and dodge the walls of doom! But beware: they will become stronger... >:) Controls: Arrow keys to move Space bar to dash

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