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Haunting Grandpa by ulcius Haunting Grandpa
for 1 Hour Game Jam 229 (Halloween)

Control the ghost of grandpa. He wants to haunt his grandkid. But while he starts moving his ghost body get smaller. He can even vanish, pufff. But he won't get smaller if he haunt anything. So haunt animals and use them as your transport method and reach your grandkid before you vanishes.

for 1 Hour Game Jam 228 (Virtual Pet)

Pet a cat. 1 Play = 1 TOUCH. Play again and again to touch all places. You will get a reward for doing that.

Somewhat working by ulcius Somewhat working
for 1 Hour Game Jam 216 (Clone)

Blue is cloning to the right, red is cloning to the left,yellow is cloning down, green is cloning up. You can move your colour squares. if it collides with other colour -> it will changes it to the colour you are holding. There are enemies coming. You can kill them with the square of the same colour. If enemy gets to castle uou lose

Logic out of earth by ulcius Logic out of earth
for 1 Hour Game Jam 215 (not on earth)

No explanation needed. You will figure it out :)

Weak Point by ulcius Weak Point
for 1 Hour Game Jam 212 (Invisible)

Meet white box - greatest super hero among all boxes. He's kind of immune to enemy's hits and when he jumps he becomes invisible. Such wow! Buuuut, it seems like his power is also his weakness. When he actually becomes invisible, he is no longer immune to hits. Aw shiut. Move with left/right arrow and jump with up arrow. When you are visible - no one is a threat to you, but when you are invisible while jumping - you take damage. Avoid enemies while jumping and reach finish line.

Love Letter by ulcius Love Letter
for 1 Hour Game Jam 210 (Wind)

Use help of the wind to reach out to your beloved. Press space to send love letter in a form of a paper airplane. Control the power of the wind by pressing digits from 1 do 9

Hold It by ulcius Hold It
for 1 Hour Game Jam 208 (UnderWater)

Such a complex puzzle game, wow! Do, what it tells you to do and you will be ok.

for 1 Hour Game Jam 203 (one hard minute)

Jump on pointers before minute runs out

Small Vision by ulcius Small Vision
for 1 Hour Game Jam 202 (Small)

Look for a rhomb which is smaller than rest and click it (sometimes it is much smaller, sometimes just a little bit). BEWARE! Your vision is getting smaller too! If it goes down to 0 before finding right romb, it's game over.

Spider Wars
for 1 Hour Game Jam 201 (Put it together)

Put together blocks of SAME COLOUR to create one bigger block. Avoid spiders. If spider hit your block it will make it smaller.

Brother Reflection
for 1 Hour Game Jam 200 (Reflection)

Why does younger brothers always reflects you?

Teslobot by ulcius Teslobot
for 1 Hour Game Jam 199 (Automation)

What happens if 2 automatic things collide?

Scale Me Down by ulcius Scale Me Down
for 1 Hour Game Jam 198 (Minimalist)

Remember the size of original object and recreate it by pressing mouse button on another one

Misleading Title-Man by ulcius Misleading Title-Man
for 1 Hour Game Jam 197 (Misleading title)

Fight against MISLEADING TITLE-MAN. As his name suggest he loves to mislead you! Do the opposite of what he asks! By doing so, you earn some time. Otherwise you lose it!

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