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game dev from new york professing the one hour game jam to other game devs

depth by depth
for One Hour Game Jam 252 ("Electricity" or "Depth")

Be a cube that collects other cubes (psuedo 3D in a 2D engine)

nature by nature
for One Hour Game Jam 250 (Nature)

sweet autumn child can only hang on to the leaves, if he hits the ground he will perish!

Oof by Oof
for One Hour Game Jam 247 (oof)

save a sweet summer child

Don Don't Stop Colors
for One Hour Game Jam 196 (Don't Stop Moving)

Compete with three AIs to get the most of an area covered in your color

Pumpkin Quest by Pumpkin Quest
for One Hour Game Jam 131 (Halloween)

A short little runner with a cute plot, just in time for Halloween

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