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Your friendly neighborhood cat with a hat!

Yam buying game game by Yam buying game game
for One Hour Game Jam 230 (Shop)

Buy all the yam in the world. Burgers ok. grapes bad

Spooky halloween game by Spooky halloween game
for One Hour Game Jam 229 (Halloween)

Defeat the evil pumpkings square = ENTER arrows = arrows

Virtual Duck by Virtual Duck
for One Hour Game Jam 228 (Virtual Pet)

Keep the duck happy by petting it! Requires java.

Pizza guessing game! by Pizza guessing game!
for One Hour Game Jam 227 (Pizza!)

Test your pizza knowledge! Can you guess 15 Pizzas in a row? (Requires java to run)

Color cube by Color cube
for One Hour Game Jam 225 (Colors)

Match your colour with the enemy's to destroy him. If you fail to do so you will loose HP

The train problem by The train problem
for One Hour Game Jam 224 (Trains)

An emotional rollercoaster

Avoid the clones! by Avoid the clones!
for One Hour Game Jam 216 (Clone)

You are the game. you have to avoid nasty CD clones of yourself made by filthy pirates! move with A/D or left/right arrows

for One Hour Game Jam 215 (not on earth)

Avoid the ASTEROIDZ (move up with up arrow and down with down arrow) to make Elon Musk proud of you!

Danger!!! Thin ice! by Danger!!! Thin ice!
for One Hour Game Jam 214 (Ice)

In a future. not the future, but a future. a possible future (Yes, I ripped this quote off Tom Scott) you find yourself being questioned by RTA - risk taking association. Where they help you learn consider risks better.

Birb feeding frenzy by Birb feeding frenzy
for One Hour Game Jam 213 (Overpopulation)

Produce as many seed as you can to deal with overpopulated birbs starving once and for all! (aim to get 100 seed)

Oxygen clicker by Oxygen clicker
for One Hour Game Jam 208 (UnderWater)

Click the oxygen bubble to get more oxygen and try to delay your inevitable death!

Super Fast space-racer by Super Fast space-racer
for One Hour Game Jam 207 (Very fast)

The fastest and hardest space racing game on the planet. Get as many coins as you can while avoiding the evil red spheres of death! (endless runner)

Banana Trolley by Banana Trolley
for One Hour Game Jam 206 (Banana)

You are running really fast and your goal is to get as many bananas in the trolley as possible! Move with arrow-keys.

for One Hour Game Jam 205 (Gravity)

endless runner. avoid the obstacles, move with left-arrow and right-arrow and switch gravity with up-arrow/down-arrow

Lazer gunz by Lazer gunz
for One Hour Game Jam 204 (Weird weapon)

You have a laser gun that destroys everything you click your mouse on, the goal is to destroy all the targets. You might want to click a little to the left of the target(feature :P ) :/

Avoid The Digitals! by Avoid The Digitals!
for One Hour Game Jam 203 (one hard minute)

Play as Ana, the clock that must avoid the terrifying Digitals! Made by Yoris + FlamingFossa

3d snake game in small map by 3d snake game in small map
for One Hour Game Jam 202 (Small)

It is like snake game, except you have 3 dimensions to move in and the camera placement makes it harder(definitely not a bug :O (ok I lied))

The Reflected Escape by The Reflected Escape
for One Hour Game Jam 200 (Reflection)

Made by Yoris + FlamingFossa Flip gravity with "shift" when standing on a mirror(blue thing) Use jetpack with "space" Move left or right with A and D, restart with R+T The game works best in 16:9 1080p If you are having trouble, to get to the door, go to the very right and accelerate left, and when you are on the edge of the mirror press shift to switch gravity

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