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Mansion of Darkness by Mansion of Darkness
for One Hour Game Jam 179 (Darkness)

Escape the mansion before your light (and your life) runs out! A and D to move. Space to Jump. W to climb Ladders. Hold left click to expand flashlight, hold right click to enter "attack mode." Using the flashlight drains your health, but killing enemies gets it back! Use your light sparingly...

Battery Powered by Battery Powered
for One Hour Game Jam 175 (Charge)

Reroute your limited power to different processes to defend yourself from alien invaders for as long as possible!

Find the Mask by Find the Mask
for One Hour Game Jam 164 (your favorite game but the most simplest possible)

You are on a short timer to retrieve a mask that was stolen from somebody... Destroy all the enemies and get the mask back before the timer ends. WASD to move around, and left click to swing your weapon.This game is meant to be a simple version of Majora's Mask, as it's one of our favorite games! This was a collab with sweetsylveon! [Music by Incompetech]

Mind's Prison
for One Hour Game Jam 163 (Unexpected)

Not much of a game. Sleep. Get food. Sleep. Get food. Sleep. Get food. The guards hate you, but you're used to it. After what you did, EVERYONE hates you. Arrow keys to move, Space to sleep in the bed. There is no ending.

Re-Charged by Re-Charged
for One Hour Game Jam 161 (2-player)

Fight endless hordes of evil robots - but don't run out of battery, or else you'll lose control...

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