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Title Developer Jam Theme
El globo de Willy Fog cyclopi 439 Hot Air Balloon
Islands in the Sky 2 frodewin 439 Hot Air Balloon
Call of Ferdi cyclopi 438 Tanks
Game of Nim by ChatGPT frodewin 437 AI
Do not press the button ccglp 436 Eternity
Eternity Game frodewin 436 Eternity
Tranquil Depths: A Deep Sea Exploration frodewin 435 Submarines
One Button Dungeon (C64) frodewin 434 One Button Controlls
DuckyParade Josue 434 One Button Controlls
OneHourPlatform delldone98 434 One Button Controlls
Beeconquest sergiocornaga 433 Bees
A Bee's Trip frodewin 433 Bees
Kill the animated BEES beeshoymetry 433 Bees
Lazy Launcher Josue 432 2 Colours
AstroNight mbianchi 431 Dark
In the Dark (C64) frodewin 431 Dark
First Trial beeshoymetry 431 Dark
Unlock frodewin 430 Unlock
Nesting Doll Challenge charmeager 430 Unlock
Dungeon Advisor (Edit) frodewin 429 Dungeon Crawler
Mazcongadas II cyclopi 429 Dungeon Crawler
Chain Reaction (C64) frodewin 428 Chain Reaction
Get High (C64) frodewin 427 Weed
Weed Whacker Simulator marbles 427 Weed
Grass Cleaner ccglp 427 Weed
Ricochet mbianchi 426 Escape Room
Escape the Room (C64) frodewin 426 Escape Room
Escape Room s logiker 426 Escape Room
Escape: Room grayson_e.b 426 Escape Room
Micro Scape ccglp 426 Escape Room
TamaDogi logiker 425 Pet Simulator
PET Simulator (C64 / Commodore PET) frodewin 425 Pet Simulator
Petrita ccglp 425 Pet Simulator
Hercules' Tasks (C64) frodewin 424 tasks
Task overload ccglp 424 tasks
Get the Right Jam! frodewin 423 monochrome
Robobo cyclopi 422 Heist
The Heist Board Game frodewin 422 Heist
RainCoin theolaos 422 Heist
RobBank xanathar13 422 Heist
One Heist ccglp 422 Heist
Dark Defender (C64) frodewin 421 Dark space
Space Junk cyclopi 421 Dark space
Fill stars ccglp 421 Dark space
Quests (C64) frodewin 420 An Overused Game Mechanic
Jump is overused ccglp 420 An Overused Game Mechanic
you can't leave quasar098 420 An Overused Game Mechanic
Tap To Fly eunuintelegnimic 419 One-Button Control
Turn Around [C64] logiker 419 One-Button Control
One hour one button asteroid ccglp 419 One-Button Control
108 Seconds (C64) frodewin 419 One-Button Control
TestBox sapazu 419 One-Button Control
JΓ€ger des verlorenen Memes (C64) frodewin 418 meme
Reaper Rush (C64) frodewin 417 Death Is Good
Hunting the Mystery Monster (C64) frodewin 416 You Are The Monster
Hierba Racing cyclopi 415 touch grass
studying in the tower yumaikas 415 touch grass
Grass Touching Simulator 2K23 jay 415 touch grass
Type the Word (C64) frodewin 414 Typing
Water Simulator soul 413 water
Simple Shooting range kruton 412 a game that takes one hour to beat
Histone johnrichard 412 a game that takes one hour to beat
Mage On-Site hopspring 412 a game that takes one hour to beat
Thingama Bob johnrichard 411 factory
alien attack galorky 410 exponential growth
Its Raining Men mbianchi 408 Turn a song into a game
CIRCLING.BAS ratking 407 1d
Ship of the Line voxel 407 1d
1D Shelby 407 1d
while (true) Revolution Game 406 Stuck in a Loop
JUMP OR LAVA soul 405 Don't Stop Moving
Chromade johnrichard 404 Two Colors
Blue Desert honeyblaze 403 Open World
Egg World voxel 403 Open World
Incendiary johnrichard 403 Open World
Open the world in half esflownkdeveloper 403 Open World
Open The World (Hard Game) cookiemonster 403 Open World
Fist Farmer depizzameneer 402 Harvest
Harvest x Harvest Revolution Game 402 Harvest
Snakey Farm voxel 402 Harvest
Crop 'Til you Drop johnrichard 402 Harvest
ONESHOT voxel 401 Only one bullet
One Shot Revolution Game 401 Only one bullet
Boomerang business (idk) matcha255 401 Only one bullet
Magic Bullet johnrichard 401 Only one bullet
Road Trip Madness bazingamaster420 401 Only one bullet
TERMINATOR voxel 400 Termination
Termination AaronBacon 400 Termination
Offline dinosaur esflownkdeveloper 400 Termination
You Are Fired! xwilarg 400 Termination
Civilization Explorer Revolution Game 398 Ancient
Greys of Giza (requires Opera GX browser) johnrichard 398 Ancient
Your grandfather's attic esflownkdeveloper 398 Ancient
The Magic Hat esflownkdeveloper 397 Trick
Flea Circus (requires Opera GX browser) johnrichard 397 Trick
One Life Revolution Game 396 1hp
Lacuna (Requires Opera GX browser) johnrichard 396 1hp
Laty's History esflownkdeveloper 395 Storytime
MazeBooks cpucat 395 Storytime
Deforestation-Man johnrichard 394 Hacks
Save Lord.Dona esflownkdeveloper 393 Lord of the Donuts
Food Shower yumaikas 392 Buns
Still Depths yumaikas 391 Ocean depths
Down in the Depths marbles 391 Ocean depths
Van Gogh esflownkdeveloper 390 Your favorite artist is the game name
Infected Mushroom yumaikas 390 Your favorite artist is the game name
lil pump silvan 390 Your favorite artist is the game name
Binary Dungeon Revolution Game 389 2 Colors 🟩πŸŸͺ
A Trip to the Gnome Zone yumaikas 389 2 Colors 🟩πŸŸͺ
ToMoveOrNotToMove Kiddy 389 2 Colors 🟩πŸŸͺ
beeGamE silvan 389 2 Colors 🟩πŸŸͺ
Color Catapult Laguna 389 2 Colors 🟩πŸŸͺ
Polulations of Color Zero 389 2 Colors 🟩πŸŸͺ
Vaporwave_reverie.exe Scotaire 389 2 Colors 🟩πŸŸͺ
A 2022 shop esflownkdeveloper 388 The Year is 2202
Google johndoedoe 388 The Year is 2202
Impossible Crossing silvan 388 The Year is 2202
Escort the King yumaikas 387 Checkmate
Revenge of the King KayZ 387 Checkmate
Click de King! PUARSLIBURF 387 Checkmate
Starmen vs Towers yumaikas 386 Conquer
The Nature of Invictis luxio_chaosyn 386 Conquer
Tank You xwilarg 386 Conquer
Harvest x Harvest Revolution Game 385 "Farming" or "Islands"
Run, Cube, Run nathbod 384 Speedrun
Blimblo Ballβ„’ slaughtumn 384 Speedrun
Run Run Run Laguna 384 Speedrun
Game Jam Speedrunner depizzameneer 384 Speedrun
LaSErS luvik 383 Laser πŸ”¦
lasergrid Laguna 383 Laser πŸ”¦
Long Distance Runner Laguna 382 Is Keyboard a sport?
Jam Overflow Revolution Game 381 Bees 🐝
Find the Bees zwarn 381 Bees 🐝
EvBeez Laguna 381 Bees 🐝
Take on Bees cosmicdev24 381 Bees 🐝
Zellers Cart Return Simulator beesinatrenchcoat 380 Back to the 90s
Is it Waldo? sapazu 380 Back to the 90s
Hit The Moon Laguna 379 Moon 🌝
Grow a Moon voxeledphoton 379 Moon 🌝
Baguettelle PUARSLIBURF 378 Baguette πŸ₯–
Those oranges are mine! JaviScripter 377 Orange
gatcha.exe wan 376 Dark
Dungeon Bugs depizzameneer 375 Dungeon crawler
ZenYard jay 374 Backyard
The Backyard Statue depizzameneer 374 Backyard
Fire Transgression Revolution Game 372 Click to win
Click to win Tirnam 372 Click to win
nice. grayson_e.b 372 Click to win
Take apart Tirnam 371 Taking apart
get the GRASS jeremia 371 Taking apart
Organ Donor Sorter rohtie 371 Taking apart
Touch The Grass! bitbox_interactive 370 Touch grass
Grass snakman 370 Touch grass
grass astronaut quasar098 370 Touch grass
Werld Alexotronic 369 Freedom
The Burden of Proof mbianchini 367 A Wizard did it
Danidre One Hour Game Jam May 7 danidre 367 A Wizard did it
Wizard4000 Mac 367 A Wizard did it
The wizard's apprentice Ido Adler 367 A Wizard did it
Luiware Webjosse 366 You have to fail
Guess snakman 366 You have to fail
you died! quasar098 366 You have to fail
Miss the goal! Ido Adler 366 You have to fail
Monkeye shelvid 365 monkeys
Absolutely Bananas! GenericToast 365 monkeys
Monkey Swing depizzameneer 365 monkeys
Just a game milonine 364 Eternity
E for Eternity monokarhu 364 Eternity
Unity For Freedom Tirnam 363 It's not a bug!
It's not a bug - The Visual Novel eragon 363 It's not a bug!
Don't Call A Lady A Bug! xwilarg 363 It's not a bug!
Is That A Bug? shep 363 It's not a bug!
Fist Bugs depizzameneer 363 It's not a bug!
Save everyone Tirnam 362 lose nothing
Lose Nothing: "It's Pong!" harrisongowland 362 lose nothing
No Apples to lose reluctantgod 362 lose nothing
Money Mover depizzameneer 362 lose nothing
Supplies parchmentpaper 362 lose nothing
Herd Tirnam 361 herd
Get the cows parchmentpaper 361 herd
Herd One Hour Vazor Jam vazor 361 herd
Bark Them All xwilarg 361 herd
A man with an umbrella Tirnam 360 umbrella
Birthday Cake Tirnam 359 Cake
TartaCar Racing cyclopi 359 Cake
Do not let the clouds collide Tirnam 358 Clouds
Bird Barer flamingfossa 358 Clouds
There is no cloud, it's just someone else's computer xwilarg 358 Clouds
Flood the sky pavotakuxd 358 Clouds
Resistance in Persian Gulf Tirnam 357 Pirates
Avast Ye! tylerrvg 357 Pirates
Pirate Mayhem sapazu 357 Pirates
Shit turd Tirnam 356 flush
52 PICKUP! mbianchini 356 flush
F-Lush tonidominguez 356 flush
Toilet Agent sapazu 356 flush
Sticky Man Climber dabfredo 355 sticky
Sticky Barrel! DivineOmega 355 sticky
Gummy Tirnam 355 sticky
Dual Run dabfredo 354 Duality
Duality Climb tylerrvg 354 Duality
Duality Tirnam 354 Duality
Caught in a manic episode borisvanschooten 354 Duality
Duality (any better name suggestion accepted) laaph 354 Duality
Gnopp sapazu 354 Duality
Avoid Triangles! dabfredo 353 Shapes and Colors
Runner Sam Tirnam 353 Shapes and Colors
Color Shove budwell 353 Shapes and Colors
Catchmeleon xwilarg 353 Shapes and Colors
Shape Colour! DivineOmega 353 Shapes and Colors
Spring of Life Tirnam 352 Spring of Life
Run to the Spring of Life dabfredo 352 Spring of Life
Journey to the Spring of Life budwell 352 Spring of Life
Springer Laguna 352 Spring of Life
Get to the TopπŸ” marbles 352 Spring of Life
Rabbit Ecosystem edswordsmith 352 Spring of Life
Spiral path of knowledge Tirnam 351 spiral
Spiral Shell Search mbianchini 351 spiral
Countdown to Panic Attack budwell 351 spiral
IKEA Tirnam 350 IKEA
Catch Kallax dabfredo 350 IKEA
Meatball Menace budwell 350 IKEA
IKEA ESCAPE! mbianchini 350 IKEA
Extreme Flappy Bird Revolution Game 349 Flappy Bird
Jumbee Tirnam 349 Flappy Bird
Wise Bird helenamk 349 Flappy Bird
Flappy: revenge of the birds m0liusx 349 Flappy Bird
Reserved Tirnam 348 mmorpg
Reserved Tirnam 347 no maze
No Maze - OHGJ 347 dabfredo 347 no maze
Secret Cats Tirnam 346 secret cat
The Great Sacrifice kbizzle 345 Sacrifice
Sacrifice Tirnam 345 Sacrifice
Fat Hamburger Tirnam 344 hamburgers
Skull Tirnam 343 Skull
Skull animation Ido Adler 343 Skull
Trash Rain Tirnam 342 trash
vroom hannaesthetic 342 trash
Chuckin It mbianchini 342 trash
Garbage katamari Ido Adler 342 trash
Recycle_Bin.exe light974 342 trash
DRAGGIN mbianchini 341 Drag
Drag me 2 Tirnam 341 Drag
Quick, Drag! depizzameneer 341 Drag
Reserved Tirnam 340 cursed book
Flying Book Game AaronBacon 340 cursed book
Find the Book depizzameneer 340 cursed book
Reserved Tirnam 339 ghost ship
Ghost Ship mbianchini 339 ghost ship
Battle of The Centuries dmoa 339 ghost ship
ghostship pancelor 339 ghost ship
The Ghost Ship depizzameneer 339 ghost ship
Rocket Warp mbianchini 338 Colorful Circle
Marble Loves Playing Catch swolechicken 338 Colorful Circle
Circle Switch depizzameneer 338 Colorful Circle
Drag me Tirnam 338 Colorful Circle
fire balls behbod_black 337 Fireball
Viking VS Dragon fash-spd 337 Fireball
The fireball that wants to go out Tirnam 337 Fireball
Fireball-man vs trees baldchauve 337 Fireball
Fireball Game AaronBacon 337 Fireball
reserved fash-spd 336 frog 🐸
Frog Tirnam 336 frog 🐸
LeapFrogs homodraconequus 336 frog 🐸
Frog Hop depizzameneer 336 frog 🐸
Fix the connections Tirnam 335 connections
connect the line!! nivraxer 335 connections
space_connection mohamad_mahdi 335 connections
CarConnect mbianchini 335 connections
Circle Connect depizzameneer 335 connections
Stealth working mohamad_mahdi 334 Stealth working
Win Way Tirnam 334 Stealth working
Get stealth working Alexotronic 334 Stealth working
Fist Ninja depizzameneer 334 Stealth working
Open the windows Tirnam 333 Open
open the door nivraxer 333 Open
The Cylinder Opens PUARSLIBURF 333 Open
a thrilling linear narrative adventure that i made benny_b 333 Open
Fishing Game with Perlin Noise benny_b 332 Fishing
Ahh! Fishers marbles 332 Fishing
Fish Man depizzameneer 332 Fishing
Uncle Fisher Tirnam 332 Fishing
Microtransactions Tirnam 331 Microtransactions
Debt Collectors bartkamski 331 Microtransactions
Shoot the fast foods into people's mouth art_in_game 330 Fast Food
FAST RAT etelan 330 Fast Food
Hotdog Hill Alexotronic 330 Fast Food
No Fat Tirnam 330 Fast Food
sell dead chickens benny_b 330 Fast Food
Fist Food Eater depizzameneer 330 Fast Food
Goblins Party Tirnam 329 goblins
Goblins vs Dogs and Horses benny_b 329 goblins
Fist Goblin depizzameneer 329 goblins
Return overdue library books Tirnam 328 overdue library books
Bring the Books depizzameneer 328 overdue library books
Gimme Twenty Dollars alteunke 327 money
Bezos Space Race AaronBacon 327 money
Stonks quacks 327 money
Fat Man Tirnam 327 money
Feed the pets Tirnam 326 virtual pet
It has a beard Stephen Pearce 326 virtual pet
qt5nqexq.bmp.import benny_b 326 virtual pet
Increase your capacity Tirnam 325 Rain
Raindropper depizzameneer 325 Rain
Under the sea Tirnam 324 seafolk
Sea Folk depizzameneer 324 seafolk
Clean the sky art_in_game 323 clouds
rain and umbrellas poya 323 clouds
Among the clouds Tirnam 323 clouds
Into The Clouds Stephen Pearce 323 clouds
clouds. benny_b 323 clouds
Watch Clouds Alexotronic 323 clouds
Fist Flier depizzameneer 323 clouds
Robot vs. Aliens Tirnam 322 aliens
Find alien by panning with your telescope benny_b 322 aliens
Too fast watermelon Tirnam 321 Too Fast!
Xtreme thepeeps191 321 Too Fast!
Supa Jet Ski ununlucky 321 Too Fast!
FastLines Alexotronic 321 Too Fast!
321 Too Fast! benny_b 321 Too Fast!
Guns Party Tirnam 320 Guns
Shoot 'Em thepeeps191 320 Guns
Indico Jones cyclopi 320 Guns
GunGolf Alexotronic 320 Guns
Im Busy Tirnam 319 Never ending
Secret Room Tirnam 318 backrooms
Flout Tirnam 317 Gravity
Space gun go BRRRRRRRR murten101 317 Gravity
Hardcore Parkour acorntime 317 Gravity
Toilet Time Tirnam 316 Toilet
Help Grandpa Alexotronic 316 Toilet
Piece of Toilet πŸ‘ qst0 πŸ‘ 316 Toilet
Unique Robot Tirnam 315 big machines
The factory of death qlpcuber 315 big machines
Stora Maskiner PUARSLIBURF 315 big machines
CH1C4G0 squigglez 315 big machines
Upside Down Tirnam 314 Upside Down
Sinking Ship 314 Upside Down
$Gravity$Runner#42 doodle64 314 Upside Down
Fight with monsters poya 313 Gamer
Multitasking gamer Tirnam 313 Gamer
Gamer Ventures Forth 313 Gamer
No Water Waste! piskafir 313 Gamer
Build a battle royale game Tirnam 312 Building game
Your Own Maze vgirotto 312 Building game
Build defense boxes adry 312 Building game
Buildy Platformy dmoa 312 Building game
Over the top resistance Tirnam 311 OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!
Over the Top of the Water vgirotto 311 OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!
Super Politician Star ulcius 311 OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!
Mine Tapper Turbo PUARSLIBURF 311 OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!
Scrollball Alexotronic 311 OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!
Weapon Collector Tirnam 310 using a weapon differently
using a weapon defferently poya 310 using a weapon differently
The world of bones Tirnam 309 Bones
Slap it! ulcius 309 Bones
Bone Apple Tea happyturtle5 309 Bones
The Collector tea 309 Bones
Hide the Bones Alexotronic 309 Bones
Attack of the bones! pilliger909 309 Bones
Boner butterbrot 309 Bones
Impostor Defence depizzameneer 309 Bones
Asia Cup Tirnam 308 Give and Take
Tenis 85 cyclopi 308 Give and Take
Give Bullets, Take Souls mutuware 308 Give and Take
Highly Accurate Personality Test benny_b 308 Give and Take
Yeet 'N Catch depizzameneer 308 Give and Take
omp Revolution Game 307 Rhythm
Move with rhythm Tirnam 307 Rhythm
LoFi Swinger ulcius 307 Rhythm
Step it up! ...down to there schneekuh 307 Rhythm
Blobbs rythmic adventure belindatesigames 307 Rhythm
BeatBox mutuware 307 Rhythm
car on the road type game razorsh4rk 307 Rhythm
Speed Succour depizzameneer 307 Rhythm
neglect covid-19 poya 306 Neglect
Don't Hurt Nature You Monster schneekuh 306 Neglect
Nice Depression Bro ulcius 306 Neglect
Do not neglect Tirnam 306 Neglect
Neglected Bear alanxoc3 306 Neglect
The Apple Tree pantoufle 306 Neglect
Don't neglect yourself belindatesigames 306 Neglect
Neglect mutuware 306 Neglect
this open(aiming fly) poya 305 Aiming
Trebuchet pantoufle 305 Aiming
aim... or not or whatever schneekuh 305 Aiming
Ultimate Cat Aimer ulcius 305 Aiming
Crazy Lizards davidtheme 305 Aiming
Aim the terrorists Tirnam 305 Aiming
Shoot the birds belindatesigames 305 Aiming
throw dart at balloons benny_b 305 Aiming
Aim Trainer Alexotronic 305 Aiming
candy and death slay 305 Aiming
Start Again Tirnam 304 Start Again
πŸ” You'll get it next time πŸ” marbles 304 Start Again
S T A R T Alexotronic 304 Start Again
Always Attention Tirnam 303 Attention
Do I have your attention? Alexotronic 303 Attention
Pay Attention For Nearly Two Minutes tophwells 303 Attention
uhuh mutuware 303 Attention
AtenciΓ³n benny_b 303 Attention
Candle Sandbox marbles 302 Candles
Take profit from candles Tirnam 302 Candles
Candles Want To Reach The Skies Zero 302 Candles
Droplets kevin 302 Candles
ShmuPOCALYPSE turbodukes 302 Candles
Birthday Boy doodle64 302 Candles
Keep Them Lit! nightshade 302 Candles
Candle Rain alanxoc3 302 Candles
Cndl mutuware 302 Candles
Candle benny_b 302 Candles
FoundTheCandles lucasrobles 302 Candles
Le Poisson, Perdu hannaesthetic 301 "Five By Five" or "Lost & Found"
table like it's 2005 Aurel 301 "Five By Five" or "Lost & Found"
DUDE Where's my Color??? doodle64 301 "Five By Five" or "Lost & Found"
WHERES MY KEYS chaotic_logic 301 "Five By Five" or "Lost & Found"
5by5 foolishfiregames 301 "Five By Five" or "Lost & Found"
Five Bye Five alanxoc3 301 "Five By Five" or "Lost & Found"
qwertyuiop mutuware 301 "Five By Five" or "Lost & Found"
The Lost & Found Desk unvid 301 "Five By Five" or "Lost & Found"
Eye-Bleeding 5x5 Roguelike benny_b 301 "Five By Five" or "Lost & Found"
Lost & Found dedunicorns 301 "Five By Five" or "Lost & Found"
Life of the lost and found Tirnam 301 "Five By Five" or "Lost & Found"
Night at the Museum dollarone 300 Stealth
Stealthy Ninja dmoa 300 Stealth
stealth game but it's not good Aurel 300 Stealth
Wall Drop wan 300 Stealth
Laziness goof bug 300 Stealth
not at all bordel 300 Stealth
Crimes McGee Steals Again! PUARSLIBURF 300 Stealth
Smultron 4 sergiocornaga 300 Stealth
Not sneaky qlpcuber 300 Stealth
Sneaky Blue MatchaMaze 300 Stealth
flashlight etelan 300 Stealth
SNEAKY BUSH doodle64 300 Stealth
Stealth Game AaronBacon 300 Stealth
SneakySlug Laguna 300 Stealth
The adventure charles 300 Stealth
Stealth bubbles cros107 300 Stealth
Stealthor mutuware 300 Stealth
Escape of the cube thegamer9b 300 Stealth
Stealth harrisongowland 300 Stealth
Sell My 1991 Dodge Stealth tininsteelian 300 Stealth
Ninja Mouse benny_b 300 Stealth
Stealth!? ManyNanyMore 300 Stealth
Be Quiet Tirnam 300 Stealth
Everything is square Tirnam 299 Square
Square Catcher marlusvinicius 299 Square
Blocks edward 299 Square
SAVE THE SQUARES! doodle64 299 Square
square game!!!!!! (LOL) silvan 299 Square
Square mutuware 299 Square
Youtuber Tirnam 298 Like, subscribe and ring the bell
Influence Together Laguna 298 Like, subscribe and ring the bell
Youtube Hero zoozoo 298 Like, subscribe and ring the bell
Follow me Tirnam 297 Follow
Shadow Repeats YOU astorek86 297 Follow
Simon Follows pebsie 297 Follow
Follow Back zoozoo 297 Follow
A beautiful aquarium Tirnam 296 The world turned upside down
Make the earth inside out ( mistake ) alanoso 296 The world turned upside down
Up Side Dingo zoozoo 296 The world turned upside down
Downward Jumpy marlusvinicius 296 The world turned upside down
ZZZZZZ charmeager 296 The world turned upside down
Filippa the Flippa' PUARSLIBURF 296 The world turned upside down
Gravity Flip Laguna 296 The world turned upside down
Weightlifting Tirnam 295 Speed
ATOM zoozoo 295 Speed
Drug Rani Race rayasticot 295 Speed
Flight of the bumblesquare nerdypie123 295 Speed
Hammer House crefossus 294 Hammer and nails
Nail Darts tininsteelian 294 Hammer and nails
Hammer the nails Tirnam 294 Hammer and nails
Let's get hammered! patrick 294 Hammer and nails
Open your way Tirnam 293 Blind
Can't See Nuffin' PUARSLIBURF 293 Blind
Running Blind vfabien21 293 Blind
Blind in a Maze unikaz 293 Blind
Escape A Dark Room zoozoo 293 Blind
Blind laura 293 Blind
How many seconds Tirnam 292 Hourglass
BY ORDER OF THE SPHERE harrisongowland 292 Hourglass
BREAKOUTATIME hannaesthetic 292 Hourglass
Sugarcube Hourglass Gurkis 292 Hourglass
Time To Survive zail 292 Hourglass
Waiting simulator 🎩🐱 292 Hourglass
Someone is color blind Tirnam 291 Color blind
Hidden Colors evil_toaster 291 Color blind
The Double Eye-Patched Man flamingfossa 291 Color blind
Colorblind racing but its with weird directions felres 291 Color blind
Color Blind SomethinBoutGames 291 Color blind
bronze skies kyavi-xyz 291 Color blind
red apple stuffed wombat 291 Color blind
Chemistry of dyes Tirnam 290 Chemistry
Classroom Brawl conrad123 290 Chemistry
Flip The Science Ladder zoozoo 290 Chemistry
>chemistry moments harrisongowland 290 Chemistry
Abstract Alchemy brin 290 Chemistry
Science Simulator porosod 290 Chemistry
Tinder but it's a game made in one hour benny_b 290 Chemistry
Chemistry simulation matthias1590 290 Chemistry
Chemistrafe! silvan 290 Chemistry
Bombeater Tirnam 289 Everything's a Bomb
Bombcano evil_toaster 289 Everything's a Bomb
Bomb rain cyclopi 289 Everything's a Bomb
Kaboom porosod 289 Everything's a Bomb
Minesw... No just mines samurai_worf 289 Everything's a Bomb
Bomb Sweeper Ido Adler 289 Everything's a Bomb
Celebration of Halloween ghosts Tirnam 288 Halloween
hoursofhallowen incredibill 288 Halloween
Halloweem PUARSLIBURF 288 Halloween
Night of Terror! silvan 288 Halloween
Derrek Dies, Like, Tonight harrisongowland 288 Halloween
Boom Ba Boom Ba qlpcuber 288 Halloween
Get Candy zoozoo 288 Halloween
Pumpkin Gatherer Laguna 288 Halloween
Trick or Treat Pumpkin benny_b 288 Halloween
Hide the lights matthias1590 288 Halloween
Do not press the red button Tirnam 287 Red button
Red Battle samurai_worf 287 Red button
ButtonGame tha-maaaan 287 Red button
1hgj in a nutshell qlpcuber 287 Red button
Don't Press The Button nerdypie123 287 Red button
Pengbutt-on gangnam_style1 287 Red button
Dodgeball matthias1590 287 Red button
Match Red zoozoo 287 Red button
Nuke Button Bodyguard benny_b 287 Red button
Freeze All Tirnam 286 Freeze
Future Cosmic Bowling tininsteelian 286 Freeze
freeze.exe wan 286 Freeze
Bountiful Harvest dmoa 286 Freeze
Dont freeze to death :D goof bug 286 Freeze
gangnam style gangnam_style1 286 Freeze
gangnam style gangnam_style 286 Freeze
Penguanion qlpcuber 286 Freeze
Ice Wizard silvan 286 Freeze
Skimo posho 286 Freeze
Freezey Peezey zoozoo 286 Freeze
Freeze Man benny_b 286 Freeze
Penguin Slider simplygames 286 Freeze
FREEZE!!! ManyNanyMore 286 Freeze
Tanagrams kbizzle 285 Geometric shapes
Shapez of doom! evil_toaster 285 Geometric shapes
Geometry Yourmometry PUARSLIBURF 285 Geometric shapes
DiaTle Tirnam 285 Geometric shapes
Generic Geometry Space Shooter benny_b 285 Geometric shapes
Don't fall I guess qlpcuber 285 Geometric shapes
Geomtry Shooter matthias1590 285 Geometric shapes
Geometric Attack! silvan 285 Geometric shapes
Build and Explosion Tirnam 284 Explosions
Mine Jumper matthias1590 284 Explosions
Launch The Missiles zoozoo 284 Explosions
Bomb Blocker! silvan 284 Explosions
Go on duck Tirnam 283 unlimited ducks
Dread To Be Bread emberdev 283 unlimited ducks
DUXPLOSION Ido Adler 283 unlimited ducks
Shark in the Tub tininsteelian 283 unlimited ducks
Become a big tree Tirnam 282 See the tree. Be the tree
You Are Now A Tree nucron 282 See the tree. Be the tree
Now That's Xtreeme! tininsteelian 282 See the tree. Be the tree
Tree Adventure yulfy 282 See the tree. Be the tree
Reverse Panic Card Tirnam 281 Reverse Card
Numberflop tininsteelian 281 Reverse Card
Airport Minion - there is always more to discover silvan 281 Reverse Card
MinieounUNO f f qlpcuber 281 Reverse Card
Blue Shield dmoa 281 Reverse Card
GravSwitch (Reverse Card) matthias1590 281 Reverse Card
No, U ManyNanyMore 281 Reverse Card
lizard chaotic_logic 280 Walking on wall
Harvey Wallbanger borisvanschooten 280 Walking on wall
Runnin' Off The Walls! ManyNanyMore 280 Walking on wall
Wall Guy brin 280 Walking on wall
Skyscraper Run rcrasta 280 Walking on wall
Ball Guys hannaesthetic 280 Walking on wall
Escape from Space prison tophwells 280 Walking on wall
PlatformMan Kiddy 280 Walking on wall
Naughty Boy Tirnam 280 Walking on wall
Cat-astrophe foolishfiregames 280 Walking on wall
Gridlocked regarded_emu 279 Grid
Color Grid brin 279 Grid
Big BANG arzael 279 Grid
hex phobia rohtie 279 Grid
Power Grid sangress 279 Grid
Nandy ludipe 279 Grid
Power Grid foolishfiregames 279 Grid
Reaction! minik 279 Grid
Gridy World Tirnam 279 Grid
Nova Tirnam 278 Space
The Space Between Words andyman404 278 Space
The Reunion barse 278 Space
Space Bar hannaesthetic 278 Space
Fading Stars giant_robot_tackler 278 Space
Put the Pieces in the Box tininsteelian 278 Space
a Table through time rohtie 278 Space
Stay out of my personal space sam-pb 278 Space
Space explorer tophwells 278 Space
Need More SPACE MatchaMaze 278 Space
SpaceDude Defense AaronBacon 278 Space
Space foolishfiregames 278 Space
Moon Defend dotcomboom 278 Space
Fly, you fuels arzael 277 Power Plant
Power Plant Tirnam 277 Power Plant
Coal Hunt dmoa 277 Power Plant
Zappo rohtie 277 Power Plant
Power Plant Blaster AaronBacon 277 Power Plant
Robo-Plant thecoolestcoderever 277 Power Plant
Leave the Green Square astorek86 276 Leave
Can not leave Tirnam 276 Leave
Who let the sheeps out arzael 276 Leave
Speed PostMan Kiddy 276 Leave
Left. qlpcuber 276 Leave
Inside Travel rohtie 276 Leave
leaving work with your phone dmoa 276 Leave
Screwdriver Driver tininsteelian 276 Leave
You Cannot Leave AaronBacon 276 Leave
guys im flagging :( hannaesthetic 275 Flags
Flags Tirnam 275 Flags
Swine Meeper PUARSLIBURF 275 Flags
Run to the Flag luvik 275 Flags
Unsafe waters rohtie 275 Flags
Flag Away Dash alanxoc3 275 Flags
Flaginator cactustown 275 Flags
Kind Lava Tirnam 274 you are lava
Burn the boys and keep it chill yuted 274 you are lava
lava flood alyphen 274 you are lava
Bird Burner zapdexio 274 you are lava
Move aside Water - Lava Guy is here! bilth 274 you are lava
Whaaa! qlpcuber 274 you are lava
I Lava You luvik 274 you are lava
You want to be a mountain rohtie 274 you are lava
Super lava Bruh Webjosse 274 you are lava
YOU ARE LAVA! ManyNanyMore 274 you are lava
The man of darkness against the lights Tirnam 273 Lights
Better Watch Out those Traffic Lights luvik 273 Lights
Sparkle Maze kinswaria 273 Lights
Don't shine! qlpcuber 273 Lights
Find the light of your heart monikamnc 273 Lights
Light your house on fire rohtie 273 Lights
Pray For Vampire piskafir 273 Lights
Torch Light luchoss10 273 Lights
Lghts Out! ferjerez3d 273 Lights
Snake Julian Kemp 272 You're a long boy
not easy being a long man seriuzsek 272 You're a long boy
Long Boy Tirnam 272 You're a long boy
Who Ate My Food unidaystudio 272 You're a long boy
The Sakeru Gummy Experience tininsteelian 272 You're a long boy
Flower Power PUARSLIBURF 272 You're a long boy
you are a good treeboy cata44 272 You're a long boy
AHHH THE LIGHT dmoa 272 You're a long boy
suzanne ytkimirti 272 You're a long boy
Super Investor Simulator 1928 Julian Kemp 271 Company Management
Company Management qlpcuber 271 Company Management
Lester the Invester PUARSLIBURF 271 Company Management
Company Liquidation potatophusion 271 Company Management
idk company and stuff etelan 271 Company Management
Bezos Bezos dmoa 271 Company Management
Manage Company flamingfossa 271 Company Management
Company Stacker AaronBacon 271 Company Management
My Company Tirnam 271 Company Management
Optimal use of time Tirnam 270 Time is money
pay your debt! cata44 270 Time is money
Time Is Money! qlpcuber 270 Time is money
50 Seconds Remaining yanevyuk 270 Time is money
Ultimate Target Practice ct 270 Time is money
Thunder rush Julian Kemp 269 Thunder
Zeus Kills People yanevyuk 269 Thunder
ThunderShockTrump azben 269 Thunder
Shoot Tunder qlpcuber 269 Thunder
Steel Umbrella Adventures PUARSLIBURF 269 Thunder
Cat and thunders Tirnam 269 Thunder
Lemming Collects Orange robmilward 268 Home
Definitely Not Memeathon: The Game tininsteelian 268 Home
Maze to home! DivineOmega 268 Home
Sort Home Fast! flamingfossa 268 Home
3Homes getvamage 268 Home
SaveMyHome azben 268 Home
Home Tirnam 268 Home
Mirrored Puzle chepee 267 Mirror
Lasers, mirrors and such PUARSLIBURF 267 Mirror
Triangle Tumble nerdypie123 267 Mirror
Play with yourself Tirnam 267 Mirror
Duality mrpathus22 267 Mirror
Reflect etelan 267 Mirror
Bullet Hell Tirnam 266 Bullet hell
Perfect Popcorn Bowl tininsteelian 266 Bullet hell
Untitled Light Dodging Game PUARSLIBURF 266 Bullet hell
Use enemies to kill enemies Tirnam 265 Enemies are useful
Catasteriods jiggyp 265 Enemies are useful
Baseball Lad's Zombo Combo PUARSLIBURF 265 Enemies are useful
Absorb Defense nerdypie123 265 Enemies are useful
One Bullet Gun etelan 265 Enemies are useful
Run Cheating Tirnam 264 Cheating
The Dragon dollarone 264 Cheating
Cheatcher aphid98 264 Cheating
One Horse Town jiggyp 264 Cheating
Cheat Code Webjosse 264 Cheating
Double Shift DX bitofgold 263 Dimension Shifting
Are Mushrooms Wheels? tininsteelian 263 Dimension Shifting
Shift the dimension Tirnam 263 Dimension Shifting
Balloon shifter happyturtle5 263 Dimension Shifting
simple etelan 263 Dimension Shifting
Time-Reversed Minicosmos tophwells 262 Time travel
Makafly ve te pa tu casa cyclopi 262 Time travel
Man baby hangarter 262 Time travel
miniminiminibraid astorek86 262 Time travel
Pies of Time hannaesthetic 262 Time travel
Dream of past change Tirnam 262 Time travel
Antinatalist Time Travel Dude benny_b 262 Time travel
Handstanding tininsteelian 262 Time travel
TimeTravelSimulator3000 plasmaernst 262 Time travel
Confused Travler maxom 262 Time travel
Gravity Cube 89o 262 Time travel
TimeShifter thevinter 262 Time travel
Asteroid Pelt tininsteelian 261 A game with 4 colors only
4-Colorswitcher astorek86 261 A game with 4 colors only
4 Colors Battle Tirnam 261 A game with 4 colors only
Simonesque oyok2112 261 A game with 4 colors only
What color am I? hangarter 261 A game with 4 colors only
Colour Blind PUARSLIBURF 261 A game with 4 colors only
Four Crystals akip 261 A game with 4 colors only
Colored Arrows KiOm 261 A game with 4 colors only
Windows X Pay Webjosse 261 A game with 4 colors only
Break the fourth wall Tirnam 260 4th wall
Extreme Fencing tininsteelian 260 4th wall
Force wall ^,^ 260 4th wall
4th door Webjosse 260 4th wall
Super Mario Pipe Dream dollarone 259 Love
The price of love <3 felres 259 Love
Falling in love babbou 259 Love
The Drunken Adventures of Homophobic Cupid PUARSLIBURF 259 Love
Self Love Survival joneyjs 259 Love
Not Yet let-off-studios 259 Love
Get together Tirnam 259 Love
Every Day is Valentine's Day tininsteelian 259 Love
Cupid Love thematiaz0 259 Love
Love Escape Xen The Mad 259 Love
Poca Luces cyclopi 258 light
Damn Frogs leuchs05_productions 258 light
How Many Balloons? tininsteelian 258 light
Destroy the Light Bringers oyok2112 258 light
Phathetic Physics Phlayground let-off-studios 258 light
A moment of light Tirnam 258 light
Flip The Switch ne555 258 light
Fuzzy Game but it's not a good muslim ak_54 257 Fuzzy game
Super Fuzzy cyclopi 257 Fuzzy game
Fuzzy where is Waldo? godde 257 Fuzzy game
Borrow Bear let-off-studios 257 Fuzzy game
Fuzzy Horror antoine250 257 Fuzzy game
Fuzzy Land Tirnam 257 Fuzzy game
Fuzzy Rhythm benny_b 257 Fuzzy game
FUZZY GAME maxime 257 Fuzzy game
Fuzy easy cata44 257 Fuzzy game
Fuzzy Dice tininsteelian 257 Fuzzy game
Fuzzy Terra KiOm 257 Fuzzy game
Fuzzy whuff 257 Fuzzy game
Fuzzy Biker Webjosse 257 Fuzzy game
FuzzyShoot tablevivante 257 Fuzzy game
FuzzyVirus2 ne555 257 Fuzzy game
Birdman let-off-studios 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
F=ma cyclopi 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
Loading the Dice quickpocket 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
The Explorer 2 PUARSLIBURF 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
poor gravity oatmealine 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
DIYGravity benny_b 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
wahoo etelan 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
Poor gravity, poorly programmed with a poor person, poorly drawn. happyturtle5 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
Sky Hell Tirnam 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
physics has failed me once again tophwells 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
you can jump tea 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
What The Grav hapee_ 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
mlg black magic flappy bird dmoa 256 Poorly Programmed Gravity β…‘
Binary Dungeon Revolution Game 255 Dungeon
1Hour Big Boss yorsh 255 Dungeon
Mazmongadas cyclopi 255 Dungeon
Adventurer Bowling Patrickode 255 Dungeon
Red blob killer mat44 255 Dungeon
yet another generic rogue-like oatmealine 255 Dungeon
Wait πŸ‘ qst0 πŸ‘ 255 Dungeon
Pari vs Monster Tirnam 255 Dungeon
Late Snek πŸ‘ qst0 πŸ‘ 254 Snake
SZNAKE ulcius 254 Snake
Snake Tirnam 254 Snake
Metal Gear Slither cjaxisa 254 Snake
Legless Snake (No Legs) tininsteelian 254 Snake
Journey of the Danger Noodles kpable 254 Snake
Snake. Snake? SNAAAAAKE! etelan 254 Snake
Snke vs Grey Snake whuff 254 Snake
Serpente r4ndomthunder 254 Snake
BRICK BREAKER wagwan 253 Pilot
Tst Pil0t πŸ‘ qst0 πŸ‘ 253 Pilot
Hardhead Pilot Tirnam 253 Pilot
Captain Spacesphere Patrickode 253 Pilot
PiLot marbles 253 Pilot
Pilot Episode ulcius 253 Pilot
Red Zeppelin cyclopi 253 Pilot
Gold Digger ulcius 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
From electricity to game jam Tirnam 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
Logic Gate Simulator quickpocket 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
depth whenbellstoll 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
You is fly ct 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
Ball of Power πŸ‘ qst0 πŸ‘ 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
La partΓ­cula antigame en el acelerador de electrones cyclopi 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
Magnetic electricity mohan 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
Unlimited POWER dilliepeckles 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
Conduit Madness ramor11k 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
kill Innocent People With Thunder For no Apparent reason adrianks47 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
eletric grill fighter snowywaterz4 252 "Electricity" or "Depth"
IS23 Tirnam 251 hacking
Defend Against the Hacker vantaug 251 hacking
Cyry 30xx astorek86 251 hacking
HackTheGame godde 251 hacking
One Minute To Hack jacklehamster 251 hacking
Hack the planet! kometeleven 251 hacking
Rollback Hackersphere Patrickode 251 hacking
Hacker Cat thecreepire 251 hacking
Hacktables lubu 251 hacking
Hourcraft 3: Not Done Edition PUARSLIBURF 251 hacking
Hacking Simulator πŸ‘ qst0 πŸ‘ 251 hacking
sup3r l33t hack3r gaem goof bug 251 hacking
Hacker Man dmoa 251 hacking
Haker's Life hapee_ 251 hacking
Farmula X Tangent 250 Nature
Let's destroy nature Tirnam 250 Nature
Terraform the moon etelan 250 Nature
Cross the River TeamSnakeDog 250 Nature
nature whenbellstoll 250 Nature
Ultimate Tree Clicker dilliepeckles 250 Nature
U R 🌳 πŸ‘ qst0 πŸ‘ 250 Nature
Weird Windows Tirnam 249 "Impossible" or "Repair"
Pear Pairs tininsteelian 249 "Impossible" or "Repair"
impossible spaceship cata44 249 "Impossible" or "Repair"
Repair the boat! ornez 249 "Impossible" or "Repair"
The Target ramor11k 249 "Impossible" or "Repair"
Thread the needle etelan 249 "Impossible" or "Repair"
Shape pairs tophwells 249 "Impossible" or "Repair"
Sock Repair πŸ‘ qst0 πŸ‘ 249 "Impossible" or "Repair"
Computer Crash zombitch 249 "Impossible" or "Repair"