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Theme: I made this
March 25th 2017

39 Games

??? by subli ???
by subli

Be the best mad scientist in the world

I Made This by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios I Made This
by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios

WASD to move, space to tell people you made this. Tell as many people as you can in 10 seconds.

slowdriver by shoozza slowdriver
by shoozza

Drive with arrow keys try to reach the end of the track.

Avoid by Corrie Avoid
by Corrie

read itch as per usual: make sure you survive for longer than 34 seconds ;)

Block Builder - LucasRAB
by LucasRAB

build blocks, you have 2 blocks a room.

I made this trance
by marc

Just fall and listen to the music.

Remember the tiles by bobmandude9889 Remember the tiles
by bobmandude9889

Remember the tiles shown and try to remake the grid after the disappear.

Squid Drawing by jacklehamster Squid Drawing
by jacklehamster

Use this drawing to make a drawing of a Squid. Send it to your loved one and tell him or her: "I made this for you".

Got to go fast by Otso Turpeinen Got to go fast
by Otso Turpeinen

Survive long as you can to get best score, Developers best record: 63 WASD or Arrows to move Space to Jump Falling too fast causes you to lose.

Candy Clicker by Quest Candy Clicker
by Quest

Cookie Clicker stole my idea before i even had it!!!

You Made This by sheepolution You Made This
by sheepolution

This game is made by Sheepolution, but the player is determined to change that. Controls: Arrow keys to walk, Space to interact

100 coins by bitslap 100 coins
by bitslap

jump with x and restart with r

I Made This, Unfortunetly by jamietd I Made This, Unfortunetly
by jamietd

Use E or the Left Mouse Button to pick up and drop blocks. Find the cube that you made.

Run Like Hell: remake by dollarone Run Like Hell: remake
by dollarone

You are Gaben and you must run!

imadethese by Terracottafrog imadethese
by Terracottafrog

I made six games because I am insane. Box Barrage - Space to jump. Don't hit boxes. You have three lives. Fish Fiasco - Catch the fish with your mouse! Don't let them fall! You have three lives. S**t Skydiving - Land in the water, not on the ground! Arrow keys to move left and right. You have one chance! Flying Fred - Space to fly. It is Flappy Bird. Why's Waldoo - Click the red person. THEN YOU GET EVERY POINT. Pitiful Pet - Feed the person water and food with the arrow keys. Don't over or under feed them and make them grow big and strong.

Painter by SomethinBoutGames Painter
by SomethinBoutGames

Use this kind-of-awkward-tool to make something and share it alongside all the other amazing creations!

Colour Patents by slord6 Colour Patents
by slord6

Claim patents (coloured squares) that match the trend (sphere on the left), discard the rest. Your average patent color shows on the right sphere. Your score is based on how closely your average patent colour matches the trend

Build em up by GenericToast Build em up
by GenericToast

I made this! Build various objects!

Rick The Goblin: Reborn by PUARSLIBURF Rick The Goblin: Reborn

A remake of my first game with some different levels and improved graphics, Please watch the intro for at least 22 seconds, it can be skipped with space. Man, there are A LOT of old-school Puarsliburf things in this game, can you count them all?

Illuminati confrimed by Macoron Illuminati confrimed
by Macoron


BlockJump by ratking BlockJump
by ratking

You jump from block to block. Use WASD to move, mouse to look around, and LMB to pick up blocks.

your OWN game by cakeeatergames.ru your OWN game
by cakeeatergames.ru

This is your own game. I made it for you. The only thing that you should do is change all of the textures(You actualy must do it. this is the game) Everything that you need is in the game folder. Good luck

I Made This
by danlivings

Use the WASD or arrow keys to infringe upon as many copyrights as you can and claim that, in fact, you are the originator of the works.

Golf It! by wareification Golf It!
by wareification

Goal: A simple mini golf game where the player builds their own hole and then play it. Dream: The player would have a simple ingame UI to design a level, then press a button to play it. A level can contain traps, boosts, and powerups. Reality: Wasn't able to get this one up to the point where it can be called a game. Only the basic foundation to the application, and some incomplete entities could be created in time. Wall collision don't work, the player can't aim the ball, the user would have to modify a text file to edit a level. Please view this submission as a game developer's attempt to learn under new/interesting constraints, and not as a game.

Bunny Boarders by ocarson Bunny Boarders
by ocarson

A totally rad skateboarding adventure! Hold the mouse down to gain speed. pull off awesome tricks. Sick!

I Made This BeeCage by sindiewen I Made This BeeCage
by sindiewen

Cage is stuck! He must float around bees for all eternity! You must help him survive! As long as possible! Note: there is a game breaking bug. If you don't move, colliders are broken lol Use WASD or Arrow keys to float around the bees. Enjoy!

Exploding Squirrels by akair Exploding Squirrels
by akair

It's a game about exploding squirrels. And avoiding the exploding squirrels. Walk with arrow keys. Jump with space.

Typo Tanks 2 by 😸🍋 Typo Tanks 2
by 😸🍋

Defend your fort against oncoming tanks!

Build something! by pionell Build something!
by pionell

Let's break the record! I originally didn't want to participate because this is the first thing that runs that i made, but of well. Press the left mouse button to create a block! use that to create something awesome! (for some reason you need to reload the page for the game to start)

I stole this
by pta2002

A game about plagerism. Multiplayer!

Dinosaur Made it by oneokgame Dinosaur Made it
by oneokgame

Shake the dinosaur to get rid of the human before you get too tired!

Why Did I Make This? by khamill Why Did I Make This?
by khamill

Why Did I Make This?

Bit Lap by sorceress Bit Lap
by sorceress

go fast

Etso by caedmon_j Etso
by caedmon_j

A platformer game where you have to shoot enemies to MAKE YOUR OWN path to the end goal! This game was made by users Caedmon_J and Cubit! This was our first One Hour Game Jam! (Made for the 100th One Hour Game Jam)

Fake Artist by euske Fake Artist
by euske

Use a mouse and try to imitate the picture as accurate as possible!

GoGoGhost by acerider GoGoGhost
by acerider

Survive until you make escape. Team Bubuia² Aecio Jorge, Eduardo Breno, Yasmin Barreto, Thiago Calazans, Tiago Parente, Hannah Pinheiro, Luis Marcelo, Emanuel Andre, William Alburqueque, Brena Cardoso, Irlan Carlo

Who made this? by zyringoss Who made this?
by zyringoss

Game about cats in boxes. About bad cats, they broke my cup! Find who made this. Control: mouse p.s: Sorry, but here bug in core mechanics. But 75% playable :)

Secret Shame by ideawizard Secret Shame
by ideawizard

There is a shameful thing I must admit. You might not see it, but please don't quit. For against the black, and against the white. Make sure your direction is right.

"I made this" text animating by terop "I made this" text animating
by terop

nice anim

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