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101st One Hour Game Jam (01 Apr 2017)

Theme: One Button
Started: 01 Apr 2017 at 20:00 (29 entries)
Button flower by terop Button flower
by terop

Press "w" key to push a button.

Color Click by laguna Color Click
by laguna

Press Space when colors or text matches

Hot Potato by sampb Hot Potato
by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios

Hit away as many hot potatoes as you can in 10 seconds! Space to hit, R to restart :)

Turny by stuffed_wombat Turny
by stuffed wombat

turn, dash, grow, shrink and collect points with only one button!

Home run by ollie Home run
by ollie

Avoid the rocks on your run home

Button Hero by quest Button Hero
by Quest

You need to click one button to play. If your mouse is broken then sorry but this game isnt for you.

Inversion Run
by chill productions

The game explains how it works but the game is a gravity runner. The ending didn't workout because i forgot to finish map... :( but when you fall at the end and see the yellow thing you win :D

Keep it Up! by jamietd Keep it Up!
by jamietd

Click the ball to keep it up for as long as possible.

Bogba by abhimonk Bogba
by abhimonk

Press up to jump! Watch out for my "red square" move!!!

Another Secret Shame
by ideawizard

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish my game this week, so I am resubmitting my last game with a twist. That twist is that only one button works instead of all of them. Can you find the right one?

Tasty Villagers! by divineomega Tasty Villagers!
by DivineOmega

You're a monster (literally), and hungry for raw villagers!

The only thing to do is JUMP by astrophics The only thing to do is JUMP
by astrophics


Reality Swap by otsoturpeinen Reality Swap
by Otso Turpeinen

Press Any Button to Swap Reality You win when you see one hour game jam logo :3 Game resets when you fall too fast. (I am lazy with death mechanics.)

Gravity Reverse by kevincaron Gravity Reverse
by kevincaron

One button for switch the gravity and try to don't touch the cube in front of you,

One Button by sotocodes One Button
by sotocodes

Just play and see

CubeJump by ehono1 CubeJump
by ehono1

Click to jump over the blue spheres.

Three cups by arputikos1 Three cups
by arputikos

You have to remember where was the dice, and click on the big red button when the arrow is on the right cup. The more you guess, the harder it gets. Which round will be your last one?

One-Button Civ by frosty One-Button Civ
by frosty

Advance your civilization as the centuries go by... Instructions at bottom of screen.

Find the One Button by jantych Find the One Button
by JanTych

Press the correct button. A and D move Left and Right Space - Jump

button by terracottafrog button
by Terracottafrog

click the button

One button - one try! by cvetk0 One button - one try!
by cvetk0

Well, first ever game jam, stirctly done in one hour and ran out of time off course... so yeah, result is pretty lame :) Run 1hgj-onebutton-love executable to start the game. For replay, you need to close the game and restart it, sorry :D

Balloon or Burst by rawbit Balloon or Burst
by rawbit

Inflate the balloon without hitting the spike.

A Spy Never Give Up by jacklehamster A Spy Never Give Up
by jacklehamster

A spy adventure by Jack Le Hamster, produced in one hour. Intro musique: Manoir de Mortevielle - BĂ©atrice Langlois, Jean-Luc Langlois

One Button to rule them all! by akair One Button to rule them all!
by akair

Use Any Button to run, jump and shoot. Features only one level - sorry 'bout the short game. If there's any more levels when you play, it's because I updated the game after uploading. Don't count on it though :)

Alexander the Great Simulator by seleven games Alexander the Great Simulator
by seleven games

Take and epic quest to save life of a great leader - Alexander the Great!!!

1 Button
by danlivings

There is a 1 button, press it.

Launch by sorceress Launch
by sorceress

Spacebar to Launch

Fast Finger
by themagicalmuffins

Just follow the directions, not trying to be rude I just have the flu and want to snooze.

The Lost Button by microwerx The Lost Button
by microwerx

A man has ten buttons. When one button gets lost, he starts his quest to find it. To play, simply click the button. To hear the music, turn up the volume.

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