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103rd One Hour Game Jam (15 Apr 2017)

Theme: 10 seconds
Started: 15 Apr 2017 at 20:00 (28 entries)
rotoroto by terop rotoroto
by terop

use 'a' and 'd' keys to move. 10 seconds is the time people are interested in this "game".

the SCORCH by megaeggz the SCORCH
by megaeggz


Square Jump by sam.pb Square Jump
by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios

Press space to jump when the power bar is full! How far can you get in 10 seconds? Press R to restart once your time is up.

10 Seconds of Easter by divineomega 10 Seconds of Easter
by DivineOmega

The Easter bunny needs to collect all the eggs before the holiday starts!

Reflex Shooter by kevincaron Reflex Shooter
by kevincaron

Shoot the square for win.

Balancer by macoron Balancer
by Macoron

Use A and D to controll! Don't let anything to fall!

10SecClick by hellowpixl 10SecClick
by hellowpixl

Hellow Everyone, this is a Game I made for the onehourgamejam nr 103. visit their site at and join! It's a great community! The Game idea is: You have 10 Seconds to click and get a high score! Have fun!

Jumpy Jump by generictoast Jumpy Jump
by GenericToast

Jump as high as possible in 10 seconds!

10 Second Platformer by ninjaphil 10 Second Platformer
by ninjaphil

10 levels, 10 seconds each. Good luck.

10s3c0nds by t0m 10s3c0nds
by t0m

Just press space like nobody...

Let Let's race!
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

It's a race. Try to get to the finish line ahead of everyone else.

10 Second Stopwatch by jantych 10 Second Stopwatch
by JanTych

Stop the stopwatch on 10 seconds. Left mouse click to stop time.

10 seconds by puarsliburf 10 seconds

(You need the scratch 2.0 offline editor to play this!) I'm on vacation in Germany and had to use scratch on the free hotel wifi. I also didn't have access to any of my resources so no intro. :( This is just a remake of a previous scratch game.

10 Seconds
by akair

You have ten seconds to try to get as high a score as possible on each minigame!

Ten Seconds by timbeaudet Ten Seconds
by timbeaudet

Dodge the cars. Had to change idea mid way through from lack of time.

Find the red square ! by adreqi Find the red square !
by adreqi

click on it when you do.

Pay Attention by natalycreates Pay Attention
by natalycreates

Click the Blue and Red boxes to score points, switch every 10 seconds!

Energy Drinker Legacy by grimeon Energy Drinker Legacy
by grimeon

A legacy game in 10 second intervals! Get cans for score, every 10 seconds get more speed based on score. Reset on death. Arrow keys to move

10 Seconds
by danlivings

This is supposed to be kinda like SUPERHOT but it turns out it's difficult to make that in an hour. WASD/Arrow keys to move LMB/LCtrl to shoot at the enemy spheres

Drag Race by sorceress Drag Race
by sorceress

Mash spacebar to race

by Terracottafrog

dodge with arrow keys

the 10 second lucker by a_griffin_bro the 10 second lucker
by a_griffin_bro

click the blue side

Ten Seconds to Glory by aviv871 Ten Seconds to Glory
by Aviv871

This is a pointless game. Click the button after you feel 10 seconds have passed. Then see what you scored. Have I mentioned it's pointless?

idk by pixzleone idk
by pixzleone

well idk. get to the flag in 10 seconds do the stuff dont fall down left and right arrow x or something to jump .love file on itch is how it's done

Fuel Last Ten Seconds by loremipsumgames Fuel Last Ten Seconds
by loremipsumgames

You must refuel before time ends.

10 Second Psychic by khamill 10 Second Psychic
by khamill

You can see 10 Seconds into the future

10 Fasts: A tragedy by monoking 10 Fasts: A tragedy
by monoking

For the theme of 10 seconds, I chose to make a quick, goofy game. I ran with the theme. Very fast. Gotta go fast.

Tile Jump by thesloveniandevil Tile Jump
by DevilLime

Jump to your destination in 10s

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