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104th One Hour Game Jam (22 Apr 2017)

Theme: One Dimension
Started: 22 Apr 2017 at 20:00 (11 entries)
1D by ninjaphil 1D
by ninjaphil

You play as a 1 dimensional character trying to collect green squares and avoid red squares. Use left and right to move one point and "A" and "D" to move the second point.

ddiment by megaeggz ddiment
by megaeggz

Some abstract stuff guys ;) Press left right and spacebar. EPILEPSY WARNING

One jump by sam.pb One jump
by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios

Press space to jump over the objects you cant see. R might restart it.

One Eyed Cyclop in One Dimension World by subli One Eyed Cyclop in One Dimension World
by subli

Right and left arrow to move

Exist by ehono1 Exist
by ehono1

Press Left and Right to explore the first Dimension!

CatDodge by wedontknowwho CatDodge
by wedontknowwho

Dodge dogs get string

1D Dot by samueldeboni 1D Dot
by samueldeboni

A one-dimensional game where you collect coins and avoid enemies.

Worst maze game ever made (one dimension) by mxc2gamer Worst maze game ever made (one dimension)
by mxc2gamer

Worst maze game ever made, had 30 mins to make it. Arrows to move

One Dimension by microwerx One Dimension
by microwerx

This is a jumping in/out of the water physics game with one dimensional game play *wince*. Press SPACE for a boost in movement force. Left/Right/Up/Down to move.

At the same time by kevincaron At the same time
by kevincaron

Press space at the same time the cube is over the button.

OneDimensionRunner by khamill OneDimensionRunner
by khamill

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