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105th One Hour Game Jam (29 Apr 2017)

Theme: Gold
Started: 29 Apr 2017 at 20:00 (29 entries)
Gold Coins by terop Gold Coins
by terop

Some gold coins for you

Golden Camel by megaeggz Golden Camel
by megaeggz

It's just a camel

Gold Miner by verra Gold Miner
by verra

You're a gold miner, avoid boulders and mine gold bullions.

Gold Clicker
by neko250

Gold Clicker

Miser by subli Miser
by subli

A and D - to move

Gold Clicker by laguna Gold Clicker
by laguna

Dig Gold by clicking. You know the drill ;)

steal gold
by anticreeper246

steal all the house before the cops arrives

Coin Catcher ! by lgktg Coin Catcher !
by lgktg

Catch all the coins to get richer !

Catch The Gold by mxc2gamer Catch The Gold
by mxc2gamer

Controls: Left and Right arrow keys Objective: Catch the gold, do not eat the balls.

LOOT! by mkwsmsk LOOT!
by Mkwsmsk

Click to get all the loot, but you just have 5 seconds...

Gold Miner by etredal Gold Miner
by etredal

Platformer, collect the gold and make it out to win! Left and right are the only controls.

Gimme the loot! by ado Gimme the loot!
by ado

Press arrows to steer coins to you loot chest! Game made for 105th 1HourGameJam with theme: Gold Enjoy!

Gold CLicker by hellowpixl Gold CLicker
by hellowpixl

Click to get gold. Buy stuff to gte more gold! Thats it!

I like gold! by microwerx I like gold!
by microwerx

This is a game about gold. Collect as much gold as your heart desires. It is falling from the sky after all. WASD to play.

Quest for shinies by generictoast Quest for shinies
by GenericToast

Get as much gold as you can before the time runs out! A and D to rotate claw Space to grab

Redmund's apocalypse

No screenshot 'cuz I'm too tired to add one. I arrived late and cobbled something together in Scratch. Read scratch description.

Gold Rush by otsoturpeinen Gold Rush
by Otso Turpeinen

Your life depends on gold. You are a gold addict. GOLD! GOLD! GOLD!

Sven Sven's Quest for Gold
by oyok2112

Sven is picking through the ice, trying to strike gold! Help him on his quest!

Speed Miner by kevincaron Speed Miner
by kevincaron

Try to collect all the golds.

cowboiz want gold by pixzleone cowboiz want gold
by pixzleone

i dunnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gold?

Coin Collector by jantych Coin Collector
by JanTych

Collect the gold coins to gain points. Move left/right - a/d Jump - Space

Get the Gold Boiiii by audiblespacegames Get the Gold Boiiii
by audiblespacegames

Collect gold to your heart's content. wasd/arrow keys

You You're a minecart. Get gold Coins.
by adreqi

You're a minecart. Get gold Coins. Arrow or a/d to move

Dragons Gold by khamill Dragons Gold
by khamill

Press space to shoot flames

by parsonator


What brights must be avoid by cahot What brights must be avoid
by cahot

Run away, money comes and it isn't good!

Archimedes by euske Archimedes
by euske

Real gold is heavier and falls relatively faster. Get em!

The Midas Gun by sindiewen The Midas Gun
by sindiewen

You Wield the Midas gun, shoot the evil green dudes with it to turn them into gold! Don’t let them get you! Use the arrow keys to move left and right, up arrow or space to jump. Mouse 1 or left control to fire the Midas gun!

King Midas by creativekid0301 King Midas
by creativekid0301

Everything you touch turns to gold, but that means you can't eat properly too! Left Click to turn things to gold, Right Click to eat.

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