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Theme: Shop
May 6th 2017

19 Games

shop by rostom shop
by rostom

a shop simulator

Salesman simulator
by kr0lik3772

You sell stuff

Shopping Centre by subli Shopping Centre
by subli

LPM to buy

Shop Keeper by laguna Shop Keeper
by laguna

Goods will roll in from storage. You must deliver the requested goods to your customers as fast as possible!

Robb the pawn shop
by coldmithril

You have to headshot em all

Pawn Show Simulator by PUARSLIBURF Pawn Show Simulator

You're the owner of a pawn shop. You're retiring in 20 days and you want as much money as possible! Different customers have different limits on how much they are willing to pay/get paid for stuff. Messing with these limits gives you a reputation penalty. the lower the reputation the fewer people come to your shop. Click on the arrows to change your price (hold shift to change by ten) and press space to sell/buy something.

At the shop by t0m At the shop
by t0m

I had no idea... so such a poor game, as always :)

The Shopping Game by Quest The Shopping Game
by Quest

Please Play in 640 x 480 and windowed.

Sales Professional by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ Sales Professional
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Serve customers before they reach your counter.

Random Shop by mathurin31 Random Shop
by mathurin31

Wow this game !

Happy Shopper by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios Happy Shopper
by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios

Read the itch

ShopOfTheDead by Otso Turpeinen ShopOfTheDead
by Otso Turpeinen

You try to make money at your small kiosk.

BuyAHat by jimangel2001 BuyAHat
by jimangel2001

You have to buy HATS

Shopping cart killing spree! by akair Shopping cart killing spree!
by akair

You went mental when the store didn't have your favorite cheese, and went on a killing spree. Tap any key to kill, kill, kill!

Steam Simulator(Failed) by cakeeatergames.ru Steam Simulator(Failed)
by cakeeatergames.ru

I failed today ._. This is all i've got. The idea of the game is pretty clear, but i simply dont have enough time and for whatever reason i am getting tons of errors. (Gabe pixelart https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/2l5qmv/i_made_this_pixel_art_for_lord_gaben_birthday/)

Pawn Stars: Hoarders: The Game by DevilLime Pawn Stars: Hoarders: The Game
by DevilLime

You are the lead character of the new TMZ Series Pawn Stars: Hoarders, which is a crossover of Pawn Stars and Hoarders

Food Shop by theo_rnr Food Shop
by theo_rnr

Remember the position of the the food under the cards and fulfill orders from hasty clients!

Shoppers Please by khamill Shoppers Please
by khamill

Accept or decline payments from customers. Beware of scammers!

Wallet War by derkrankeapfel Wallet War
by derkrankeapfel

Buy soldier and spawn them at different spots to protect your land from your ennemies !

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