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107th One Hour Game Jam (13 May 2017)

Theme: rockets
Started: 13 May 2017 at 20:00 (26 entries)
Rocket Dodger Mega by etredal Rocket Dodger Mega
by etredal

Dodge the rockets as they attack!

Rocket Defense by laguna Rocket Defense
by laguna

Defend the earth agains enemy spaceships with your powerful rockets!

Rocket Runner by delighter Rocket Runner
by delighter

Flood space if you want to live

by moi


The Red Rocket by macoron The Red Rocket
by Macoron

Gravity sim, use WASD to control

Rocket Barrage by generictoast Rocket Barrage
by GenericToast

Justice rains from above! (note: actually has nothing to do with overwatch) Avoid the oncoming rocket barrage!

Space Simulator by kevincaron Space Simulator
by kevincaron

It just a grafic game and it don't have any gameplay.

Rocket fighter by norman Rocket fighter
by norman

Does not work very well, but looks pretty dank. wasd, enter to start game

Rocket Escaper by rickygam Rocket Escaper
by RickyGam

Escape the falling rockets. Left Arrow - move left Right Arrow - move right Space - jump/restart

ROCKETS! by jacudibu ROCKETS!
by jacudibu

Dodge all the rockets!

rockets cause gamemaker sucks by terracottafrog rockets cause gamemaker sucks
by Terracottafrog

you cant play this and you dont want to

Mr. Frox & RocketJunk by otsoturpeinen Mr. Frox & RocketJunk
by Otso Turpeinen

Avoid Stuff

Return to Earth by feips Return to Earth
by ParttimeGod

In Return to Earth you have to control a rocket to get back to earth. You loose the game when you hit other planets or leave the screen, you win when you reach the earth. All planets create a gravitational force on your rocket. Have fun! Press Space to accelerate, A and D to rotate the rocket.

Rocket Science by timtips Rocket Science
by timtips

Use right- and left- keys to use your (invisible) left and right thrusters. Reach the top to win (in theory it should be possible ...)

Rocket Vs Target by kthulhu1947 Rocket Vs Target
by kthulhu1947

You have some targets. Click to create rockets. Launch them to hit the targets. Enjoy ;-)

One Hour Space Program by puarsliburf One Hour Space Program

A game where you build rockets with broken physics! Place stuff with clicking (forgot to add deleting), toggle between building and flying with enter, "control" with arrows and boost with space. "Prepare for blastoff in 3, 2, 1, BOOM! And It toppled over because grvity is weird here" Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary at the jam!

Rocket Wreck by mrdave Rocket Wreck
by mrdave

Description: Hit the tanks with your rocket launcher Controls: Click and hold to determine angle and let go to fire!

TimerRocket by mathurin31 TimerRocket
by mathurin31

An amazing game using rocket and reflex

Titan Rescue by wan Titan Rescue
by wan

10 astronauts are stranded on Titan. You are their only hope!

Space Rockets by jantych Space Rockets
by JanTych

Fire rockets at the enemy A/D - Move Left/Right Space - Fire

bombsandrocketsandtanksandplanes by khamill bombsandrocketsandtanksandplanes
by khamill

Shoot rockets at planes

Rocket Pigeon by euske Rocket Pigeon
by euske

Get a rocket to attack enemies!

Rocket Jumper by terzalo Rocket Jumper
by terzalo

Jump on rockets and don't fall down!

Infinite Rocket by marc4700 Infinite Rocket
by mark8

Dodge the balloons. Move with left and right.

Ship 016 - By Amshumang and DaemonSultan by amshumang Ship 016 - By Amshumang and DaemonSultan
by amshumang

You are Ship 016 and you have travelled for light years and now you want to get back home. Your leaking fuel every second and the other galactic species are not giving you fuel, you have to pillage it from them! Destroy their ships and grab the fuel...but careful don't shoot the fuel! Controls : WASD- movements You have two kinds of bullets: 1) Destroys other ships (Space) 2) Collects the fuel (LShift) Download the zip file and extract. In the extracted folder open StartGame.exe Made by: By Amshumang and DaemonSultan Assets from: 1. Explosion Generator Sprites o Author: Wouter Visser o License: None specified o Website: http://www.explosiongenerator.com/ 2.Millionth Vector sprites o Author: Alan Guyant o License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License o Website: http://millionthvector.blogspot.com.au/p/free-sprites.html

by DevilLime

Shoot rockets and try to hit something

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