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108th One Hour Game Jam (20 May 2017)

Theme: Bees
Started: 20 May 2017 at 20:00 (16 entries)
Nectar Collector by delighter Nectar Collector
by delighter

Pretty unrealistic but hardcorish game Use "W" to move Use "A" and "D" to change direction

Beevoid! by urnamed32 Beevoid!
by urnamed32

Simple game where you have to avoid bad bees.

Overlapping Bees by jasonify Overlapping Bees
by jasonify

You win the most points if you time your mouse click such that the most number of bees are overlapping at one point :)

Redmund Redmund's bee gun!

Redmund's back! And this time he's got a gun that shoots BEES! (He also just so happens to be lethally allergic to bees) Arrow keys to shoot bees (the recoil causes him to move). Don't touch the bees. They kill you.

Honey harvest by generictoast Honey harvest
by GenericToast

Collect the honey from the yellow beehive and bring it back to your own beehive!

Fly Catcher by thesloveniandevil Fly Catcher
by DevilLime

After the bees died out, we needed an alternative -- FLIES! But flies were so useless before, nobody had any, that's why now people buy good young flies for up to $100. You are THE FLY CATCHER! Click the flies to catch and sell them.

Beecon by sergiocornaga Beecon
by sergiocornaga

I can do way less in an hour than I thought.

The Bee Cage by jacklehamster The Bee Cage
by jacklehamster

The Bee Cage - Fly and try to avoid the cages Music and images from public domain. Got a bit lazy, so I recycled an old game's code for this one.

Bee Swatter Simulator by skitte Bee Swatter Simulator
by SkiTTe

In this game, you must stop pesky bees that want to get past your screen! Use the arrow keys to move your swatter and swat them down!

Bee Maze (aka I spent all my time making a maze) by khamill Bee Maze (aka I spent all my time making a maze)
by khamill

WASDSPACE to move Mouse to look Run away from the bees and find the honey

Kill the bees!
by ParttimeGod

Click on the bees to kill them, if a bee hits the player you loose, the game restarts automatically after 3 seconds. Also, the download link will work after ~1 am MET, because I can only upload with a speed of 5 kb/s as my internet failed me.

NOT THE BEES by audiblespacegames NOT THE BEES
by audiblespacegames

Use the mouse to slap the bees away!

by norman

Rogue like with RANDOMLY GENERATED LEVELS because im a mad lad Also walls dont work

BEES! by jacudibu BEES!
by jacudibu

Bees wanna kill you, so your only way to survive is to run for your live!

Bee Swarm by laguna Bee Swarm
by laguna

You remember those exploding sheep from Warcraft 3?

Mr Fox & Planet Of Bees by otsoturpeinen Mr Fox & Planet Of Bees
by Otso Turpeinen

After safe landing Mr Fox has found the planet of bees!

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