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Theme: Square
May 27th 2017

21 Games

Square avoidance by terop Square avoidance
by terop

avoid the squares... wasd to move.

The Square Gatherer
by etredal

Gather the needed gems to save the world!

Stay inside the square by montyontherun Stay inside the square
by montyontherun

A simple game, sure, but I wanted to test waters - this is a MS-DOS/CGA simple game: You gotta move your little aim inside the shrinking square until it will (almost) engulf you. But be careful because I can't stop your aim and each level will have a faster square! When you're on target, your aim and the square will turn cyan. If you're outside it, your aim will be white and the square will be magenta. Use the ASWD keys to move.

mean cubes chasing your friendly cube
by denneledoe

click to move, don't touch the mean cubes.

Square Placer by laguna Square Placer
by laguna

Place as many non overlapping squares as possible.

Mr. Cube Lord by SkiTTe Mr. Cube Lord
by SkiTTe

Save Mr. Cube Lord's son! He is lost in the jungle. Arrow keys to move. Good luck, cube.

Make a Square by mwcz Make a Square
by mwcz

Move squares around to make a larger square.

ColorCube by hellowpixl ColorCube
by hellowpixl

AgarIO clone. First time using Javascript!

Stay in the Square HD by dakotaduffy Stay in the Square HD
by dakotaduffy

Press SPACE to jump. Avoid the gaps! Didn't implement a restart feature, so just refresh the browser lol.

Screensaver by SomethinBoutGames Screensaver
by SomethinBoutGames

Remember that old screensaver with the bouncing box? Make it hit the corner! WASD to move.

Mr Fox Mr Fox's Friend In Postal Service
by Otso Turpeinen

Left & Right to move Space to Jump Collect all "spheres" to win (total of 15) Game Has Two Levels

Or Be Square by Terracottafrog Or Be Square
by Terracottafrog

Don't not be a shape without right angles and equal sides.

Square Rain by RickyGam Square Rain
by RickyGam

Collect the yellow squares and avoid the red ones. Testing ZX Spectrum palette. Left and Right - Arrows Jump - Space

Square defender of the pixelverse
by norman

Stealth/action game similar to MGS v: Tpp made in 1hr 45 min has gripping story enter to enter game(wait for a few seconds for story to happen tho) Standard platform controls jump if stuck

One square in one square by mark8 One square in one square
by mark8

Move blue square with your cursor in white square and dodge all the squares.

Color Match by mato26 Color Match
by mato26

It's my first OneHourGameJam and it actually took me more then an hour but you can try it out anyway :) You have to match squares with same colors. You can move your square to the left and right using A/D or arrows. You can select different color for your square with W / UpArrow and "shoot" the cube with spacebar. The squares are being generated with randomized colors (which sometimes might be confusing when they are too similar, but I did what I could :) ). Have fun! Also, Escape to quit, R to restart. As I said it was my first OneHourGameJam and even though I was not able to finish in time, I tried my best and I am looking forward trying next time! Have a nice day!

Squares Squared. by khamill Squares Squared.
by khamill

Click the cubes to rotate Space to jump

Letter Jump
by ParttimeGod

Enter a text and press start to generate a jump and run level based on the text. Arrow keys to move, space to jump. Could be used for the Titin-theme.

Fill by ishumadan91 Fill
by ishumadan91

Fill squares by clicking on them. You have to outrun the opponent. Click on the square already filled by opponent and you will lose a life

Square? by seleven games Square?
by seleven games

Is it square? Or not? Please merge our bugged accounts - Alexander Simulator is still separate. :)

SquaredyPants by crefossus SquaredyPants
by crefossus

Find the SquaredyPants. Use arrows/wasd to move. Escape closes game. Uses unreal starter content for art/music. Made for 1hgj in about 1.5 hrs ... and too many hours to finally get it packaged. I still didn't fix the mixing texture issue...

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