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110th One Hour Game Jam (03 Jun 2017)

Theme: Switch
Started: 03 Jun 2017 at 20:00 (24 entries)
Flip It by ehono1 Flip It
by ehono1

Click to flip the switch. Come on, you know you want to!

Binary Switch by laguna Binary Switch
by laguna

Try to match the numbers.

Switch the Music by Sebastian Scaini Switch the Music
by Sebastian Scaini

Switch the music when requested. Getting it wrong will lead to failure. Last as long as you can. I am never acting in my own game again.

Switch Bear by Hakurai Switch Bear
by Hakurai

Bear with a switch

Gravity Switch by plasma Gravity Switch
by plasma

Gravity changes direction. Arrow keys to move. Don't run out of time!

Spooky Switcher by SkiTTe Spooky Switcher
by SkiTTe

Stop the ghost from getting by and killing him with the light!

RGB Jet by joshgrams RGB Jet
by joshgrams

Hold the left mouse button to boost. Hit the switches to add a random amount to the RGB components of the background color.

LightSwitch Puzzle! by pepperized LightSwitch Puzzle!
by pepperized

Classic lightbulb and switch puzzle game!

Switch by SomethinBoutGames Switch
by SomethinBoutGames

"S" to switch direction. !!!EPILEPSY WARNING!!! I think this qualifies as somewhat seizure inducing...

Gravity Box by urnamed32 Gravity Box
by urnamed32

i dont have to time write it

Mr.Fox & Super Car by Otso Turpeinen Mr.Fox & Super Car
by Otso Turpeinen

Use the switches to pilot your vehicle. (use your mouse)

Squitched by conrad123 Squitched
by conrad123

Press spacebar to switch which cars are coming at your moving character! How long can you last until you get squitched?

Frog Pond Panic by Terracottafrog Frog Pond Panic
by Terracottafrog

Made in 1 hour and ten minutes for onehourgamejam 110 Use arrow keys to move. Avoid red frogs. Turn all lilypads white to move to the next round.

by Mirakus

Collect the twinkling Boxes and avoid the bullets. You move with A/D or with Left/Right. Change sectors via Pressing: 1 or Num7 for top left 3 or Num9 for top right Q or Num1 for bottom left E or Num3 for bottom right Have 'fun'!

Color Switch by mark8 Color Switch
by mark8

Switch color and survive.

AND Switch by JanTych AND Switch
by JanTych

Switch on the correct 3 switches

Two Players by akair Two Players
by akair

Switch between your brain halves - and try to keep both players alive! Space to jump.

Color Switches by kthulhu1947 Color Switches
by kthulhu1947

Click on the RGB switches to change the lights color. You may notice that the initial light bulb colors are random. There's no way to win, it is an animation. Enjoy ;-)

Rick And Morty: Dimension Switch by PUARSLIBURF Rick And Morty: Dimension Switch

move with WASD, click to place a portal and press space to enter it. Buuurp, Morty! Y-you gotta go get the giant coin, Morty! It's vital to my research, Morty!

Space Survival by DevilLime Space Survival
by DevilLime

Defend yourself against asteroids! Use WASD to select turrets, ARROW keys to move around and SPACE to fire them.

by pastry


Switch The Lights by khamill Switch The Lights
by khamill

Press "S" to change which platforms are lit.

Toggle by ishumadan91 Toggle
by ishumadan91

Press space to toggle between 2 positions to dodge moving blocks

by norman

The eviltons have taken over your castle! You must liberate it WASD TO move left click to shoot right click to teleport those use magic this game is supposed to have a high skill ceiling, because ive been playing vanquish and vanquish has that. MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE A SECRET ENDING

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