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112th One Hour Game Jam (17 Jun 2017)

Theme: The Floor Is Lava
Started: 17 Jun 2017 at 20:00 (24 entries)
the ceiling and floor are both lava by denneledoe the ceiling and floor are both lava
by denneledoe

dodge the lava by being a pro, or standing behind furniture

LavaNudge by puarsliburf LavaNudge

This thing took less than 30 minutes to make but I'm still pretty proud of it. Player 1 turns with A and D, moves with W and boosts with space. Player 2 controls with the arrow keys and boosts with enter, Push the otheer player into the lava to win.

Floor Is Lava by moomins Floor Is Lava
by moomins

A game were you cant touch the floor

LavaFloor by laguna LavaFloor
by laguna

[AD]/Arrows to move, Space to jump. Dont touch the floor for too long!

Hot Jumps by generictoast Hot Jumps
by GenericToast

Jump before you sink into the lava! (No i totally did not reuse the icon from a previous game i made)

Escape The Invisible Lava by thesloveniandevil Escape The Invisible Lava
by DevilLime

Use SPACE to 'gravity hurry' the gravity and avoid the bullets.

Lalalava by scorched Lalalava
by scorched

Avoid bombs with arrow keys When the screen is green, you win :-)

Help I Help I'm being chased by lava!
by majami1233

There's no time to explain, just JUMP!!

The floor is lava - 1st 1 hour attempt by felineinteractive The floor is lava - 1st 1 hour attempt
by felineinteractive

The first game I've made in 1 hour, it could have been a lot better but I'm ever so slightly proud of myself.

Floors and Lava by mirakus Floors and Lava
by Mirakus

WASD/Arrows Don't touch the lava.

Traffic Trouble by ludipe Traffic Trouble
by ludipe

You need to tap on traffic lights to manage traffic and avoid both crashes and jams. (I recommend playing the web version)

Flappy Lava by ffs2309 Flappy Lava
by FabiClawZ

Flappy Lava is like Flappy Birds without pipes in bad, and the floor is lava, I guess :D Space to jump, don't hit the ceiling or any lava.

The Floor is Lava by javierruidorosa The Floor is Lava
by javierruidorosa

A Horrible Game made in 67 minutes. Try to survive the longest time possible while the lava floor ascends!

Leadfoot In Lava by wareification Leadfoot In Lava
by wareification

In a world where a player is stuck on an island in the clouds surrounded by lava, he must come to terms with the fact that he sucks at jumping. The cruel creator who left this player with this life left the being incomplete. With the unfortunate ability to only jump if barely leaving the ground, the player must survive through this damned life, or suffer nonexistence. ARROW_LEFT = Move left ARROW_RIGHT = Move right SPACE = Jump

Duck shoot Duck shoot'em ARMAGEDDON
by norman

Duck shoot'em, international duck thing of mystery MUST collect 5 diamonds. However, this world you are in has had a trash atomic war, rendering the once trashful plains of trash filled with LAVA. Also, skeletor has sent the Skulls Parasite Unit out to get you, but they're a bit useless so don't worry.

Temple Jump by cakeeatergames.ru Temple Jump
by cakeeatergames.ru

Return of the old character frow my second jam :) Still jumping in dungeons. Use WSAD try to get to the last platform(100) The GAME was made in one hour, but grapfix were made after one hour. P.S. I hate this theme...

Floor is lava
by niekas

Try to get to the darck block to reach next level

Mario lava by akair Mario lava
by akair

Jump with Space. Avoid the lava on the ground and the shooting lava. Collect some coins if you wish.

Splash by terzalo Splash
by terzalo

Shoot water to cool the lava down!

the floor is meme by josemwarrior the floor is meme
by josemwarrior

Try to put the ball into the cube. Creates a line by touching the screen, creating up until 3 lines (4 maximum touches)

PlatformPanic by nickifr PlatformPanic
by nickifr

The floor is lava! The platforms are shrinking! Panic! Controls: WASD for movement; Space to Jump; R to restart

Fly over by ishumadan91 Fly over
by ishumadan91

You can fly, but can do it only for a limited time Press space to slow down the time for few seconds. Then some blocks under range will be highlighted. Click on one to fly on to it. Avoid the BLACK blocks Be quick !!!! - Ishu Madan

The Floor is Submitting Games on Time by dakotaduffy The Floor is Submitting Games on Time
by dakotaduffy

The city has been flooded! Fly around the city, avoiding buildings and the lava. WASD or arrow keys to adjust roll and pitch.

Scald by noonan Scald
by Sean Noonan

A game where you collect gems and avoid fireballs. Also, do not fall into the lava. Controls: Move L/R - "Left arrow"/"Right arrow" Jump - "Up arrow"

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