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113th One Hour Game Jam (24 Jun 2017)

Theme: Purposely Bad
Started: 24 Jun 2017 at 20:00 (21 entries)
OpeningScreen by terop OpeningScreen
by terop

Starting screen of a whole mpaa/riaa style movie...

fery gud gamne
by denneledoe

a and d to move. why am i even explaining this

Bad Hair day by laguna Bad Hair day
by laguna

You have Bad Hair Day and just feel antisocial af right now. Never the less people are chatting with you. Purposly try to make them go away by bad grammar or insults.

FEED ME APPLE by sebastianscaini FEED ME APPLE
by Sebastian Scaini

FEED THEM APPLE. Controls change every 3 seconds. Competing with GabeD. Please chose a winner.

Totally Licensed Atari 2600 Pokemon Game by gabed Totally Licensed Atari 2600 Pokemon Game
by gabed

Use Y, H, G, J to move. Hug all the Squirtles :D or you die. Made with <3 in 1 Hour 4 the 1 Hour Game Jam. Competing with SebastianScaini. Please chose a winner.

Hole In None by generictoast Hole In None
by GenericToast

Try not to score!

1D by chaseplays 1D
by chaseplays

a game so bad that it lost the second dimension

xXDarkTrumpExtremClickerXx by mrbigaston xXDarkTrumpExtremClickerXx
by Bigaston

You have to click to the "Build a wall" button!

The Legend Of The Quest For Rabarberpaj by puarsliburf The Legend Of The Quest For Rabarberpaj

Thies gaem iz mai eriginalz creätjon änd dönt steel iet. Find the three keys and that unlock the white door to get to the rabarberpaj. When you get really pissed just go to the top-right corner of the world.

Smurf Shooting Range by thesloveniandevil Smurf Shooting Range
by DevilLime

The time has come. The smurf kind has to protect themselves! -- Shoot with Space. ALWAYS move

Bad Walk by ffs2309 Bad Walk
by FabiClawZ

The game is bad and you can walk! WASD to walk

Jammybowl!!! by val Jammybowl!!!
by moi

Jammybowl!!! is a brand new sport inspired by office chair polo and ultimate frisbee

Mr Fox & Bad Trip by otsoturpeinen Mr Fox & Bad Trip
by Otso Turpeinen

You are having seizure at most in opportune time. Try to survive as long as you can!

DDR for Dummies by mrdave DDR for Dummies
by mrdave

Press the wrong arrows in this DDR game!

Cubes In Bucket by kthulhu1947 Cubes In Bucket
by kthulhu1947

Click on a cube to hold it then click on the bucket to release it. Try to fill the bucket with all the cubes... if you can...

by joshgrams

Irritating physics - use your mouse to bat the rocks away - LOVE2D

by norman

Mushroom vietnam 1956. it is the height of the mushroom cold war. Mario needs to shoot the koopas and other such things

Burn some peasants by akair Burn some peasants
by akair

Fly with your death balloon and bring upon death and destruction to the filthy peasants.

Wacky controls by ishumadan91 Wacky controls
by ishumadan91

Get to the destination, avoid the red blocks. Use up, down, left, right keys to move. Controls are wacky. They keep changing. "Start point" denotes the key for up, rest everything follows in clockwise direction

Kira Has Allergies by [ssi]_brayden Kira Has Allergies
by [ssi]_brayden

All art done in MS Paint. How can you be more purposeful in being bad than that? Controls: A and D, or Arrow keys left and right to move.

tis jsut bad by euske tis jsut bad
by euske

tis jsut bad

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