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114th One Hour Game Jam (01 Jul 2017)

Theme: The Midas Touch
Started: 01 Jul 2017 at 20:00 (19 entries)
A golden touch by microwerx A golden touch
by microwerx

This is a game touching something and making it gold... How can that be? Do you?

Midas Factory by mirakus Midas Factory
by Mirakus

You have magical powers that turn stuff to gold. You got captured. You have to turn fruits to gold. Why? Because you are being forced to by some random guy who has a fetish for golden fruit. The money he gets from them isn't from selling the fruit if you know what I mean.

Midas Touch by sebastianscaini Midas Touch
by Sebastian Scaini

Touch the apples, but not the babies. Control with Spacebar. Download the file: [Theme: The Midas Touch] Midas Touch (Windows 32-bit) on itch.io to play it.

the midas bullet by denneledoe the midas bullet
by denneledoe

(thumbnail irrelevant) there are rocks comming at you! shoot at them to turn them into gold and get points. but watch out! when you get hit by a rock OR accidentally turn food into gold, you will lose health!

Tower Of Midas by puarsliburf Tower Of Midas

Introducing Blunter, Redmunds brother! (He's the dude in the blue shirt) Move with WASD and click dirt to turn it to gold. You can't walk on dirt because of game design.

greedymidas by laguna greedymidas
by laguna

pick up all the coins. arrow keys

Midas Stacker by generictoast Midas Stacker
by GenericToast

Stack objects by turning them into gold!

Mr Fox & Curse of cheese. by otso_turpeinen Mr Fox & Curse of cheese.
by otso_turpeinen

Cursed by cheese god. (there is no objective this time)

Midas Dies by conrad123 Midas Dies
by conrad123

Arrow keys to move Midas. Have Midas face each hater and turn them to gold to make money. But don't let one touch Midas without him looking, or else Midas will die!

Midas Coal Touch by aviv871 Midas Coal Touch
by Aviv871

Coal is falling from the sky. Avoid and touch it to make it to coins you then collect. It's not a bug, it's a feature!

Midas missing GL_CLEAR
by FabiClawZ

WASD to control

Midas Dogs by elgregos Midas Dogs
by elgregos

Use your midas touch to freeze your beloved dogs so they stay in their square flat doghouse. Use arrows to move. Made with Pico-8. Playable online at https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=29579

Midas in the Rain by [ssi]_brayden Midas in the Rain
by [ssi]_brayden

King Midas has learned of a city that is so greedy for his gold, that he has decided to destroy them. Touch (click) the rain drops to turn them into gold and destroy the houses. Do it as fast as you can!

Everything I touch by jacklehamster Everything I touch
by jacklehamster

Note: I've recycled a lot of code from an game engine I'm currently developing. So the hour or so were mostly spent just putting shit together. Hope you enjoy.

Turns to Sold by terracottafrog Turns to Sold
by Terracottafrog

Use wasd and arrows to control Minas' hands. Pick up the desired items and give them to your customers!

The Midas Heist by case The Midas Heist
by case

Stealthy commentary on contemporary capitalism.

Midas Rain by kthulhu1947 Midas Rain
by kthulhu1947

Click on a water drop to turn it into a golden coin. Try to collect the maximum of coins before the flood get you.

robomidas by paskal robomidas
by paskal

wasd to move space to jump. stay near rocks to convert gold, stay near gold to collect.

Midas spell
by ishumadan91

Use Arrow keys to move, space to jump, and Z to disable Midas spell. Touch golden block to enable Midas spell. You will be invincible, but at the same time cannot cross certain barriers

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