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115th One Hour Game Jam (08 Jul 2017)

Theme: one button controller
Started: 08 Jul 2017 at 20:00 (14 entries)
Toggle by ishumadan91 Toggle
by ishumadan91

Press space to toggle between 2 positions

by denneledoe

you are a tree that is being attacked by baddies. press space to hit them with your branches

Button Presser by Sebastian Scaini Button Presser
by Sebastian Scaini

Press (Gamepad) A or (Keyboard) Space to try to press the button. Try to press it as much as you can. Download the file with this week's theme from itch to play.

Super Grand Prix 2017 by PUARSLIBURF Super Grand Prix 2017

Read itch description

Truck Loot by verybadbunny Truck Loot
by verybadbunny

Press space to move the truck, and get the high score!

Hit Me Baby One More Time by laguna Hit Me Baby One More Time
by laguna

In this rhythm game it is important to press and realease at the right timings. Press [SPACE] when a note enters the trigger, hold it and release when the note leaves the trigger.

Laser shooter by t0mm4rx Laser shooter
by t0mm4rx

Just a small game where you control a laser.

Jumping Simulator by ajayajayaj Jumping Simulator
by ajayajayaj

I didn't end up getting to the game I wanted (a game where you jump over obstacles), but I did end up getting the physics working! I quickly added some holes in the ground after the deadline so it's kind of a game now.

Click Counter by DevilLime Click Counter
by DevilLime

The description's the title

Switch II by SomethinBoutGames Switch II
by SomethinBoutGames

Sequel to my last ohgj game. Therefore another epilepsy warning I guess...

One button RTS
by norman

The age of goblins has begun Goblins have started attacking everywhere, and you must lead the remenants of the stick person army to victory! But beware, the goblins are very bad and they will attack you. space to make bases and make your dudes retreat/ attack

One Butt On Controller
by Terracottafrog

I didnt't have any real ideas so heres a dumb pun or something.

Bridge Controller by terzalo Bridge Controller
by terzalo

This software allows you to experience a thrill of controlling a drawbridge. There are no goals, control your bridge the way you want!

Forward Runner by hgdebarba Forward Runner
by hgdebarba

A one button driving game

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