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116th One Hour Game Jam (15 Jul 2017)

Theme: Cheating
Started: 15 Jul 2017 at 20:00 (17 entries)
don don't... touch the thingies i guess?
by denneledoe


Super Intelligence Test 2017 by wan Super Intelligence Test 2017
by wan

Are you clever enough?

Cheetah by Sebastian Scaini Cheetah
by Sebastian Scaini

Don't get caught cheating with a cheetah. Hold Space to flirt. Download the file with the jam's theme from my itch page.

Mastermind by laguna Mastermind
by laguna

It's like the boardgame. I never was good at this, so I always wanted to cheat. :D

Hack It! by Zorb Hack It!
by Zorb

Hack your way to victory in a Mario style platformer!

Bamse: Nu fan ska det ätas dunderhonung! by PUARSLIBURF Bamse: Nu fan ska det ätas dunderhonung!

I basically spent half an hour coming up with that title and making a logo and half an hour half-arsing a game around it. The world has been overrun by dark demon thingies and Bamse needs to pretty much OD on dunderhonung to stop them. Also krösus is trying to kill you because he's an arsehole. Demons can go through walls but only attack you if they're really close. Get all the honey jars to win. I cheated by not following the theme

Acorn Run by juniorrek Acorn Run
by juniorrek

get away from the squirrels !!! press SPACEBAR to change direction press C to cheat

Cheating Death by nickidebruyn Cheating Death
by nickidebruyn

This is Armageddon, cheating death is all you can do. Dodge all meteors and get high score. Move your player left and right using the arrow keys.

by cakeeatergames.ru

I have NEVER played CS before. And I dont think I have ever played any fps shoter... But i can still make a game about it. here you go. Idk, this one is kinda lame. Click to shoot, Hold Space to activate aimbot, kill as much as you can

D&D for one by dollarone D&D for one
by dollarone

My first twine game! woohaa

Flappy Cheater by ajayajayaj Flappy Cheater
by ajayajayaj

Will you cheat, or will the game cheat you?

The Shitter ? by jacklehamster The Shitter ?
by jacklehamster

Sorry. Another shit game... ?

Switch III by SomethinBoutGames Switch III
by SomethinBoutGames

This time NOT "S" to switch direction, but click to make the blocks disappear!!! !!!EPILEPSY WARNING!!! I think this qualifies as somewhat seizure inducing...

impossible with no cheat by katuiche impossible with no cheat
by katuiche

it's almost impossible with no use of the cheat (arrows to move)

don don't help him
by clem494949

You're god, and you shouldn't help this aventurer to finish his quest. (cheat help: use a 60 click per sec bot on the heart to never die)

CheatOnYou by alikondie CheatOnYou
by alikondie

Try to push the button when player is on target

The Class of Cheat by tony The Class of Cheat
by tony

Point up with your mouse to cheat in class but don't get caught! Get at least 100 points to win :D

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