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Theme: The World Below
July 22nd 2017

25 Games

by moi

you are sent on an undercover mission for the CIAKGBBQ to recover an pyramid under the pacific ocean unfortunately decades of disposing of trash in the ocean left a giant heap of rubbish that you will have to cross to go the bottom of the ocean

fagfita by tarlard fagfita
by tarlard

In a meteor apocalypse that happened 30.000 years ago, 99.999999999% of the (overpopulated) Earth died. The 2 last survivors, Andrewand Emma since then have "improved" their own body by making themselves Cyborgs, and therefore, immortal. After that, a giant solar flare hit earth, specifically the side of the earth where Emma was on. Emma's life support system then failed, killing her, the last woman on earth. Andrew found his body 367 years later and he was devastated. In this state of shock, Andrew made a vow to himself. He wanted to replicate Emma, in whatever way she could. Therefore he decided to make a robot that's an exact copy of Emma, except metal. For this, he needed gold, and lots of it. Sadly, because of mining all the earth's resources this was hard. You play as Andrew, trying to get enough gold to make a robot-Emma Arrows to move

Dig Deeper by laguna Dig Deeper
by laguna

dig deeper. press left and right alternatingly, use A and D to avoid debris.

Snekpelunker by gabed Snekpelunker
by gabed

Run from snek

Ant-venture by DivineOmega Ant-venture
by DivineOmega

The every-day adventure of being an ant. Collect food and avoid the spiders.

Drill for your life by ludipe Drill for your life
by ludipe

Dig (and move) pressing your left mouse button. You can also jump pressing your right mouse button. The goal is to get to the bottom as fast as possible. If you drill a block with a skull on it you die. Note: Get closer to block to check whether they're deadly or not.

The Particles are shooting you and they get faster. by ccglp The Particles are shooting you and they get faster.
by ccglp

The IN GAME particle COLLISION are shooting at YOUR SQUARE SHIP and they are GETTING so faster and furiouser (?) that u have to avoid THEM in order to be the VERY BEST.

Fall with your ball by rustybroomhandle Fall with your ball
by rustybroomhandle

First try. Did not quite finish all I wanted to. But anyhoo! Steer left 'n right with the arrow keys, see how far into the hole you can drop. Weeeeeee!

GOGOGO! by moomins GOGOGO!
by moomins

A and D to move you have to exit and restart the app to restart,

falllllll by Aurel falllllll
by Aurel

falllllll forever! arrows to move

Elevator by Sebastian Scaini Elevator
by Sebastian Scaini

Use up and down to move. Space to stop. Go to the right floor.

OverHunbryFishDrive by jesusnoseq OverHunbryFishDrive
by jesusnoseq

​You are a fish, get the cake, hurry!

Down Devil by ruhar Down Devil
by ruhar

Fight your way down into the world below for as long as you can! Left and right arrow keys to move.

Aliens vs. Other Aliens by PUARSLIBURF Aliens vs. Other Aliens

Read itch description. I did a big ol' long shot for the theme this week

by norman

2000 NADFSW (Neon after doot first skeletal war) The world is at peace But 2000 years after the war against the spooky skele the world is once again at war with skeletons You, waluigi, of the first trans dimensional zeppelin must destroy the skeleton dimension WASD TO MOVE doesnt work very well tho

Mega Jelly Fish Adventure by cakecommander Mega Jelly Fish Adventure
by cakecommander

My attempt for the 1 hour game jam 'The World Below!' theme. You play as a submarine shooting up some massive jellyfish, Your speed increases with every kill so good luck with that :D

Sunglassity by mantlair Sunglassity
by mantlair

Sunglasses took over the world. (Sunglasses were my personal second theme.) All images are from pixabay. Music from Fakemusicgenerator. Font from Dafont. (Fireonthemountain) Used only unity.

WormIOsolo by clem494949 WormIOsolo
by clem494949

Survive in the worm world making galleries and eating stuffs.

ToDno by sinemual ToDno
by sinemual

Click to create grounds.

Sewer Life by JanTych Sewer Life
by JanTych

Dodge the trash falling into the sewer. A/D - Move Left/Right

Deeper by dollarone Deeper
by dollarone

Let's go deeper, we wanna go deeper Let's go deeper, we gotta go deeper(break it down) Let's go deeper, we wanna go deeper Let's go deeper, we gotta go deeper

BewareOfBelow by bartkamski BewareOfBelow
by bartkamski

You have to ged rid of falling cubes, to protect yourself, but there is also your evil twin below who is also in danger...

The Mine Below by nickifr The Mine Below
by nickifr

A game about being a person in a mine killing slimes in a limited amount of time, descending layer after layer. (-> to the mine below) Controls: Arrow Keys for movement, any of A/S/Z/X to shoot. Can be played in Web or as a download for the TIC-80 client.

Cube Roll by SomethinBoutGames Cube Roll
by SomethinBoutGames

Not done, you can roll around using WASD though, so that's fun...

Lava Fishing by euske Lava Fishing
by euske

Fishing on lava!

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