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119th One Hour Game Jam (05 Aug 2017)

Theme: Where no man has gone before
Started: 05 Aug 2017 at 20:00 (11 entries)
Castle of despair

The link leads to a document which can be copy pasted into the website quitebasic.com Navigate a castle with the commands "east, West, North, South and sleep"

The Bold Walking Simulator by laguna The Bold Walking Simulator
by laguna

To boldly go where no man has gone before... I always wanted to create a walking animation. And this was the perfect time to do so. Press [A,D] or [ARROWS] to walk.

spacebar by denneledoe spacebar
by denneledoe

(thumbnail irrelevant) you are at the helm of "apollo 69" (iam a CHILD) your job is to safely land your craft on the moon. you can slow down using spacebar, but watch out, if you come down too hard (over 15 speed) or your fuel runs out, you're doomed!

noonnono by weedmasterz noonnono
by weedmasterz


Warp Van by Sebastian Scaini Warp Van
by Sebastian Scaini

Use W and S (or up and down) to avoid obstacles. Honk with space.

Klungons! by DivineOmega Klungons!
by DivineOmega

Enturprize! The Fuderation is under attack by Klungons! Fight them off with your Funton Torpedoes!

The house where no man has gone before. by  Phantom Lab The house where no man has gone before.
by Phantom Lab

Remember the house where no man has gone before. Caution: The story is pretty involved and complicated, I was inspired by Kingdom Hearts and the Metal Gear games.

Minilite by Terracottafrog Minilite
by Terracottafrog

Arrow keys to move. Pick up cargo and bring it to the planet of the matching color. Don't get hit by any enemies! I tried to make Elite in an hour. That is not possible :)

Destroy the Unknown by tharrod Destroy the Unknown
by tharrod

You must go into a deep abyss in the ocean and destroy a new intelligent species, be careful... we don't know how they're going to defend themselves. all we know is that they breath air and that their civilization relys on a bubble wall to keep out water, DESTROY IT.

Boulderly Go by madbeagle Boulderly Go
by madbeagle

My first one hour jam. Use the arrow keys to avoid the asteroids. You can fire phasers with the mouse button but unfortunately they don't do anything....spent far too long building the Enterprise. But they look cool? There was also meant to be enemy ships but ran of time for those too. And highscores. Etc etc.

Flat Earth by ajayajayaj Flat Earth
by ajayajayaj

You found out the secret, but they are on to you. Get away from the Nasa Engineers. (Sorry it has terrible load times)

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