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120th One Hour Game Jam (12 Aug 2017)

Theme: 1 room
Started: 12 Aug 2017 at 20:00 (16 entries)
lollololollollolololololo by weedmasterz lollololollollolololololo
by weedmasterz

u in one rum

One Room RPG by puarsliburf One Room RPG

The King needs a new chair! Get him one! (Made with a piss old version of gamemaker because why not)

Don Don't touch me
by ylivay

WASD to move. Don't get touched.

disgust.exe - chat room simulator by phantom_lab disgust.exe - chat room simulator
by Phantom Lab

Caution: The story is pretty involved and complicated, I was inspired by Kingdom Hearts and the Metal Gear games.

by norman

You, duck nukem, must defeat the "SKULLS" parasite unit, and find all the blue maguffins

the bearable room by voxeledphoton the bearable room
by voxeledphoton

feed the bear idk

Stepping Through a Single Room by sebastianscaini Stepping Through a Single Room
by Sebastian Scaini

Get to the end of the room, then repeat the same room.

Bedroom Rush by nicotime Bedroom Rush
by Zorb

Organize the room in 8 seconds or less! How high can you go?

Beat by aurel300 Beat
by Aurel

=== Beat === = Controls = Hold arrows to move

FinalStand by tharrod FinalStand
by tharrod

The final stand of the valiant

Blue Balls by gabed Blue Balls
by gabed

Shoot the blue ball

Jump room by grimeon Jump room
by grimeon

Catch the bad dude using portals

Little Bit of a Draft by terracottafrog Little Bit of a Draft
by Terracottafrog

​Dodge poorly drawn cows, rocks, and cars as an adorable house stuck in a tornado!​ Arrow keys to move!

Logic Man by sergiocornaga Logic Man
by sergiocornaga

You've gathered all the clues, but now you're stuck at the scene of the crime! The real mystery is how you wound up in this situation...

Clear the room by borisvanschooten Clear the room
by borisvanschooten

Remove all the stones but watch out for the released stone golems. Once golems are released, they will create stones and new golems! Move: WSAD. Shoot: mouse.

The Room by laguna The Room
by laguna

Evade the falling blocks. [A,D] or [Arrows] to move.

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