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121st One Hour Game Jam (19 Aug 2017)

Theme: Slow
Started: 19 Aug 2017 at 20:00 (23 entries)
stephen the snail by denneledoe stephen the snail
by denneledoe

i have another thing iam making in progress, and i really want to get back at that, but i also didn't want to skip 1hgj AGAIN. so i made this disgrace that doesn't even deserve the term. "game" anyways, this ticks my submission counter up by 1, so i win!.

Super Old Person Simulator by puarsliburf Super Old Person Simulator

You are an old person. Don't walk into the young people. When you inevitably get bored just press space to enter challenge mode. I'm waaayyy too tired to put any real effort into this one. This is actually an adaptation of a concept I came up with ages ago called the "potato game" (The most basic game imaginable)

Slower than ever by terop Slower than ever
by terop

slowly scrolling

Road Rage by ylivay Road Rage
by ylivay

Traffic is slow, you are fast. Arrow keys = DRIVE Space bar = HONK

Bullets out of a Hurry by s1lv3rdr4g0ngames Bullets out of a Hurry
by s1lv3rdr4g0ngames

Time has been slowed down for you, avoid bullets!

Quicky Slow by elgregos Quicky Slow
by elgregos

Move to the right exit, but DON'T when the path is all red.

Upgrade Quest by nicotime Upgrade Quest
by Zorb

You may start off slow but you can fight enemies and enter their castle to upgrade your speed and score!

SaltySlowBoi.exe by phantom_lab SaltySlowBoi.exe
by Phantom Lab

This snail is swiftly racing through the grass, when suddenly it starts to rain fucking salt. Hit space to slow down to avoid the salt. Note: This game requires a full set of rare Jacques Chirac Trading Cards ® to play.

My last jam(With Caterpillars) by cakeeatergames.ru My last jam(With Caterpillars)
by cakeeatergames.ru

(Click on the screen if the game dosen't work)This game is amazing... This jam was amazing but I am not gonna able to participate anymor becouse of my new timezone.

Slow... FAST! by marcoelz Slow... FAST!
by marcoelz

A slow game where you have to dodge enemies. Oh but then it become fast! ... and slow again...

Slow Ship by raphitou Slow Ship
by Sheinxy

Slow your ship down

Witch madness v1.2 by ali8888 Witch madness v1.2
by ali8888

You got hit by a potion from the sky by accident by a witch, it gave you a slowness effect, can you retrieve your speed back and battle the witch slowly ?

Slowness Dodge by ghana7 Slowness Dodge
by ghana7

Dodge rockets falling from the sky WASD to move, Space to slow time

Shoecurity by cakecommander Shoecurity
by cakecommander

My entry for the One hour game jam #121 (Theme slow). Press left arrow to move left and space to slow mo dive. Try to save the presenter from the shoe. Pressing R at any time will restart the game.

SlowCooker by codemoose SlowCooker
by codemoose

My first attempt at a one hour game jam. Just click some ingredients, but don't click the poison.

by Aurel

=== STUN SLOW === = Controls = Arrow keys to move A to shoot stun bullets S to use killing shockwave Don't camp near the base!

Inching by sergiocornaga Inching
by sergiocornaga

Alternate the up and down arrow keys to reach that tasty leaf!

Dodge by 26mato26 Dodge
by 26mato26

Just Dodge. Movement with your mouse. Faster you move with your mouse the faster bullets go. You have 3 lives. How long can you survive? ESC to leave.

Bouncy hare and tortoises by borisvanschooten Bouncy hare and tortoises
by borisvanschooten

Get all the carrots. You always run forwards, unless you bounce off a tortoise or carrot. Don't run off the edges! Use W,S to move.

SunRise by thesloveniandevil SunRise
by DevilLime

Grow a flower. Use A and D to move around and try to fill your jar with rain.

Slow by dragmz Slow
by dragmz

Slow, cold and white experience

Jasokeso by euske Jasokeso
by euske

Be slow and do cheat.

Keep up by ajayajayaj Keep up
by ajayajayaj

Don't let anyone fall behind. If someone does, press space to stop and let them catch up, Sorry this game was submitted late, I have really bad internet right now.

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